Sinulog Festival Queen 2012

Last Friday, January 13, 2012, the annual search for the most talented Sinulog lead dancer was held. The competition, held at the Cebu City Sports Center, started at around 7:30 in the evening. The event, one of the highlights of the Sinulog season, features gorgeous lead dancers from various contingents in their awe-inspiring and truly magnificent gowns.

By the way, sorry for the shots. I couldn’t find a space near the front because the photographers who were there were all using ladders. Hehehe. I had to stay near the side of the stage with other photographers with ‘smaller’ cameras. 😀


This year’s Sinulog Festival Queen is Apriel Smith of Cebu City’s Tribu Lumad Basakanon.

Sinulog Festival Queen 2012!

Opening Production number

Gorgeous ladies!

After the opening number, the contestants prepared for the next segment of the program. Each contestant, together with a few members of her contingent, will have to present a short production number.

Contestant No. 1

Contestant No. 2

Contestant No. 3

Contestant No. 4

Contestant No. 5

Contestant No. 6

Contestant No. 7

Contestant No. 8

Contestant No. 9

Contestant No. 10

Contestant No. 11

Contestant No. 12

Contestant No. 13

Contestant No. 14

After the production numbers, the contestants came back on stage with more elaborate costumes for their solo performances.

The biggest costume. Awesome!

Very graceful.

One of my faves. Very intricate. Well-done!

Contestant from Bulacao Community School. She was named Miss Photogenic.

One of the prettiest contestants. She’s from Dumaguete.

A wedding gown for Abellana National School’s lead dancer.

Another very wonderful costume.

Miss Smith in action. Very graceful dancer.

Gorgeous costume.

Before the final showdown, the Festival Queens of Cebu were presented on stage.

Miss Cebu 2009 1st runner-up Razzini Gomez was crowned Aliwan Fiesta Festival Queen 2010.

Miss Cebu 2010 3rd runner-up Rogelie Catacutan was crowned Aliwan Fiesta Festival Queen 2011.

Miss Cebu 2008 Sian Elizabeth Maynard was crowned Aliwan Fiesta Festival Queen 2009.

Grandslam for Cebu! (Note: Aliwan Fiesta is held in Manila. It is a competition of different festivals from all over the country. Cebu City’s Lumad Basakanon, too, is an Aliwan Fiesta Hall-of-Famer!) Go go go, Cebu!

Last year, Steffi Rose Pearson Aberasturi, also from Tribu Lumad Basakanon, was crowned Sinulog Festival Queen.

The final showdown before the awarding.

Best Group Performance: Conchitina Cleofe Cloma Yu of Lingganay Festival, Alangalang Leyte

Big Winner: Apriel Smith of Lumad Basakanon

Here is the complete list of winners!

Sinulog Festival Queen: Apriel Smith (Lumad Basakanon)
1st Runner Up: Nerissa Modesto (Pasaka Festival, Tanauan Leyte)
2nd Runner Up: Conchitina Cleofe Cloma Yu (Lingganay Festival, Alangalang Leyte)
3rd Runner Up: Shekina Rose Lasola (Sandurot Festival Dumaguete City)
4th Runner Up: Angel Lou Pates (Lanao del Norte)

Best in Runway Shekina Rose Lasola (Sandurot Festival Dumaguete City)
Miss SM Shekina Rose Lasola (Sandurot Festival Dumaguete City)
Miss Photogenic Danilie Rose Damolo (Bulacao Community School)
Miss PLDT Apriel Smith (Lumad Basakanon)
Shopwise by Rustans Queen Shekina Rose Lasola (Sandurot Festival Dumaguete City)
Miss Teletech Shekina Rose Lasola (Sandurot Festival Dumaguete City)
Miss Globe Telecom Shekina Rose Lasola (Sandurot Festival Dumaguete City)
Best in Festival Costume Apriel Smith (Lumad Basakanon)
Best Festival Costume Apriel Smith (Lumad Basakanon)
Best in Musicality Lingganay Festival Alangalang Leyte
Best Solo Performer Apriel Smith (Lumad Basakanon)
Best Group Performance Conchitina Cleofe Cloma Yu (Lingganay Festival, Alangalang Leyte)
Best Opening Production Number hekina Rose Lasola (Sandurot Festival DumagueteCity)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Fluvial Procession 2012
Pierre Anther Infante is Miss Cebu 2012

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