Pierre Anther Infante is Miss Cebu 2012

This year’s Miss Cebu is 21-year old Pierre Anther Infante from the Southwestern University. She bested 11 other candidates to become the new face of Cebu. Congratulations, Anther!


Miss Cebu 2012: Pierre Anther Infante

First Runner-up: Rachel Chloe T. Palang

Second Runner-up: Ella Beverly P. Sarmago

Third Runner-up: Jonnie Rose Louise R. Wee

Fourth Runner-up: Herlie Kim T. Artugue

Congratulations, ladies!

Now, here’s the result of our own online poll:

1. Candidate No. 10 – Jonnie Rose Louise 18.02% (91 votes)
2. Candidate No. 1 – Michelle Angelique 15.25% (77 votes)
3. Candidate No. 3 – Rachel Chloe 12.28% (62 votes)
4. Candidate No. 9 – April Ann Claire 9.9% (50 votes)
5. Candidate No. 12 – Lesley Anne 9.7% (49 votes)

What do you think of this year’s results?

0 thoughts on “Pierre Anther Infante is Miss Cebu 2012

  1. Hey guys! I know it’s kinda off topic (well not really coz Miss Cebu sorta is the pre celebration of Sinulog). But since Leylander’s latest post isn’t about Sinulog, I decided to share it here. If you want to live stream the Sinulog festivities, you can try this link.


    There will be someone wearing a webcam stuck to sunglasses and they will be walking around Sinulog. Should prove to be an interesting video. Hope you guys enjoy and PIT SENYOR!

  2. hindi kasali yung anak ni mr alvin garcia (ex mayor cebu) na si mss.marie angela garcia sa contest na yan???viva pit senior

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