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On my way  home from the Basilica, I visited the Heritage of Cebu Monument in Pari-an. I’ve seen the monument hundreds of times before but I’ve never really given it much thought. I mean, I knew that it’s one of the stops of heritage trail tours downtown, but I felt that it just wasn’t post-worthy (I’m not even sure why). Anyway, when I got there, the place was deserted and the gate was open. So, I decided to let myself in and ‘inspect’ the whole thing. Luckily, I had my camera with me so I was able to take some pictures. Now, what do I think of the monument? I think that it’s wonderful. It’s like one big precise description of Cebu and its culture and people. It’s basically an animated history lesson. You guys should check it out!


The Heritage of Cebu Monument

100_2198 by man_from_cancun.

The monument was constructed in 1997. Designed and built by Eduardo Catrillo (a national artist), the monument is located at the heart of the Pari-an district.


Artist’s depiction of a recently-cannonized Cebuano – Blessed Pedro Calungsud.

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Devotees of the Blessed Child and Sinulog revellers

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This part is clearly an homage to the prominent role of Christianity in  the island.

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Failed circumnavigator of the world – Ferdinand Magellan

100_2218 by man_from_cancun.

I’m not exactly sure who this is. But the flags, the soldiers, and the evident ‘liberation’ theme say that it’s either a Rama or an Osmeña.

100_2212 by man_from_cancun.

A scene showing the significance of the barter trade during the pre-colonial times.

100_2192 by man_from_cancun.

Cebu’s main man – Datu Lapu-Lapu

100_2203 by man_from_cancun.

Another angle. This time, with his men.

100_2205 by man_from_cancun.

A huge cross with a priest and a spaniard. Probably a depiction of the first mass.

100_2201 by man_from_cancun.

This is the Basilica. Its inclusion indicates that it is a very important part of the Cebuano heritage.

100_2200 by man_from_cancun.

I have no idea who these people are. Anyone knows?

100_2193 by man_from_cancun.

The southern end of the monument.

100_2207 by man_from_cancun.


The Pari-an Fire Station just next door.

100_2195 by man_from_cancun.

The San-Diego ancestral house near Casa Gorordo.

100_2219 by man_from_cancun.


Museo Sugbo
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