Kasadya sa SRP 2011

The perya is in town for the holidays! Thanks to the effort of the city government, Cebuanos – both young and old – once again got to experience this rich Filipino tradition. This year, since the SSS lot along Jones Avenue is no longer available (the new SSS building is now operational,) the carnival/perya was moved to the South Road Properties. The month-long festivities was aptly-named Kasadya sa SRP.

True to its Filipino form, the perya at the SRP didn’t boast of state-of-the art games and rides. Instead, it offered only affordable entertainment for the fun-loving Cebuanos.

The key to truly enjoying the perya is to not mind its flaws. If you want to have a blast at the perya, simply stop being an adult for a sec and just let the child in you take control.


Kasadya sa SRP 2011 is fun!

Welcome to Kasadya sa SRP!

View of the parking lot outside The Wall.

What to expect? Firecracker traders, carnival, bazaar, food strip, and many more!

Night market!

The food strip! Larsian!!!!

And of course, the carnival!

Carousel for only Php15.00

Dragon coaster for the more adventurous type.

Looks exciting!

Fun ride.

Of course, there’s the good ole Videoke machine!

There’s also the box-office hit: Horror Ride!

Eager to experience the most-talked about ride.

Only Php20.00 each.

Fall in line, please!

House of the Dead. Looks scary.

The improvised train and the excited passengers. Me and my cousins also decided to give it a try.

Already scared, huh? Hehehe.

Enter at your own risk!

Honestly, there was only one ‘monster.’ Hahahaha. And he was obviously just wearing a mask and we could all see the shirt and shorts that he was wearing. But we were all still screaming. Hahaha. It was really fun!

This one below is an old perya fave. You toss your 25 cents and you make sure that it lands in the middle of those tiny squares. You can either win Php1.25 or any of those stuff on the huge table.

Another crowd favorite is the Ferris Wheel.

There were three wheels and all of them had tons of fans.

Ferris wheel in action.

Waiting for their turn.

There’s also the shooting booth. You pay Php5.00 for three tries.

And then there’s this stuff. I’m not sure what it’s called. The game is pretty simple. You just place your bet on any of the six cards. If a ball lands of your card, you win (amount equal to your bet.) If two balls land on your card, you win double. If you three balls land on your card, you win triple!

These ladies were enjoying their luck.

Too excited! They were too fun to watch!

Hoping she’d win!

Balls landing on three different cards.

There’s also the mini basketball booth. You get three tries for 5 pesos. My cousin got a bag of Oishi and a bottle of C2 for shooting 4 out of 6 balls. Hahahahaha.

This stuff is similar to the card game above. The only difference is that you place your bet on any number from 1-25. If you’re lucky, you win big, too!  Your 1 peso bet can become 20 pesos!

Another hit: Jungle Jam!

Fun ride!

A dad and his son excited for their turn.

Look! It’s Jollibee!

After having a blast at the carnival, we decided to take pictures of the statue  of the Sto. Niño. Normally, the SRP is off-limits. Take advantage!!! Hehehe.

The Sugbu building – a replica of the Pilgrim Center building at the Basilica.


One last shot before calling it a night.

Payt Bisdak!

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  1. wala diay roller coaster? i thought naa coz my brothers told me.. sus.. kato raman diay’ng kids’ version sa roller coaster…

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