All Set for Sinulog 2012!

Last night, I went to Abellana to get a Sinulog 2012 Photographer’s ID. Although I know that government offices close at 5:00, I still decided to go. Last year, I was able to get an ID at around 7 pm. When I got there, the guard told me to pay Php10.00 to park my bike (even after I told him that I was only going to get an ID.) At the gate, I was made to pay another Php15.00. I told the lady that I won’t take long and that I just wanted to get an ID. She insisted that I pay up. Okay, fine!

Well, as expected, when I got there, the office was already closed. Great!

Today, I woke up early to get an ID before I head to the office. I got there at around 8:30. The Sinulog Foundation office told me to go to the Sports office for the ID. Then, the Sports office told me to go to another office to get an ID. When I found the office (forgot the name,) I found out that it was still closed. Awesome!

When the office finally opened, it was almost 9 am (I’m late for work!)

Two years ago, I only had to shell out Php500 to get a photographer’s ID. Then, last year, they asked for Php600 (maybe because they also threw in a Canon vest with the ID.) This year, it’s Php1,000! Wow! Maybe next year it’s going to be so expensive I’d be forced to stay home and watch TV. Haha.

Anyways, bad feelings gone! I’m all set for Sinulog 2012!!!!

Anyways, FYI. If you still want to buy Grandstand tickets – White Tickets (sold out!) For Balikbayans, please call 4124355 and look for Ms. Ana or Cinbeth.

The Sinulog stage currently being made. Plus some elementary kids practicing for the competition this weekend!

Important Sinulog Contact Numbers!!!

Pit Senyor! Pay Bisdak!

23 thoughts on “All Set for Sinulog 2012!

  1. i’ll remember the colour blue. 🙂 am happy for you, ley. i plan to go home in december 2012, God willing. i’ll pray for good health, good weather ug daghan ug kwarta. hehehe…

  2. Nyor, I was lucky I only got to pay the P10.00 parking fee and was able to get inside without paying the P15.00 entrance fee, which was supposed to be for the use of their facilities like the oval track, pool and gyms. I was there between 2-3PM Dec 27 and it only took me 5 mins to get my kit.

    Last year I didn’t get to submit my photos thinking that 10 was the maximum (for free) and I only printed 7 photos. But my entry was not accepted because it didn’t reach 10. 🙁

    This year will be different though. I’ll be using a Canon EF 70-200mm 4L IS USM lens and make sure that I’ll be printing 10 for each category.

    Kita-kits nyor!

    Portraits by Bukool™
    Cebu Wedding Photographer

  3. Its disgusting they collect you P15 @ P10 for that short time. Even though its only a small amount, in other words its corrupt. Pang sigarilyo cguro to ng guard.
    I hate that style they send you to this place and that place (office) for nothing, grrrrrrr.
    Ley, when u say u decide to stay home viewing on tv for next yr sinulog, I said ohhh! no…
    Bai, i reimburse your Sinulog ID this yr. as a thank you.

  4. Sana this year dli gigil ang mga photographers, last year man gud nindut mana-aw ug sinulog ang problema daghan nag-agi agi mga photographers na ginatabunan na nila ang kanindut. naa man gud sa akoang kilid nga foreigner and taga-mindanao, nanguli na lang kay CANON ang makita ra. Viva Pit Senyor!

    1. pit senyor bai. sorry for your experience. ang uban photographers gud grabe sad kaayo mudala ug posing. hehehe. ako dili gyud ko manamok basta mamicture. promise. hehe

  5. hi! is this year’s Sinulog photo contest sponsored by canon as well like last year? what’s with your Sinulog ID 2012, is that a vest or a shirt? hope you can post a front and back design of it, thanks… hapy shooting, Pit Señor! 🙂

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