Wet Summer in Cebu City

So, I was on my way to do some major shoots when it rained really really hard. Luckily, before the rain could drench my camera, I was able to find a small corner where I could park my bike and wait for the rain to stop. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t stop until my legs were numb. And it didn’t help that the roof of the little corner where I was staying (it was in front of a closed store) had a huge hole. I was basically wet when I headed back home to change. Eventually, I ended up going to bed really early.

So, readers of MCPB, I give you this entry about rain, instead.

There you go! Hello, rain!

Wet Summer by you.

This is probably one of the strongest rains we’ve had in recent years.

Wet Summer by you.

There was major flooding in Guadalupe when I headed home. It was crazy!

Wet Summer by you.

Yes, that lady is fine. She didn’t get hit.

Wet Summer by you.

Why is that hole so freaking small, though?

Wet Summer by you.

Brave one!

Wet Summer by you.

I suggest you keep the cover down.

Wet Summer by you.

That’s it.

See you on my next post! 🙂

38 thoughts on “Wet Summer in Cebu City

      1. Ley, I missed this kind of rain in pinas, its nice to cozy up in the couch watch TV with hot coco in my hand gone are those days……… imagine those poeple outside trying to make a living, people outside trying to catch the jeepney ride, or just simply those ones that are in their motorbike/bike must be alot of inconvenience……

  1. OT: Lan, do you know that there is a pre-battle ritual reenactment the night before the Kadaugan sa Mactan? I forgot to tell you about it. Sige lang, next year na lang.

    And yes, it was slightly raining.

    1. Bai, mutan-aw man mi usually ug kadaugan. pero this year, natunong man ug Monday, di ba? I didn’t know naa diay pre-battle ritual. wala man ka nagsulti. LOL

  2. ohhh rain water is so precious to me as we live (outskirt) with tank water. Too much is no good it cause havoc.

    Anyway Ley, thanks for your time. Nagpaulan ka ug nabasa just for us.

  3. ang katong uwan gahapun was a welcome respite bisan kadiyut ra kaau.buhagay jud.unya nialimuot mag balik.nibalik pud ping ut akong ilong.unya ang singaw sa kainit nga gaaso ang dalan paghuman sa uwan.karun gani while typing this entry,gasingut akong iluk,bugan ug ilong unya gakutas ug ginhawa.maau untag dili na init.gasto sigeg pliti sa mall.paet

  4. This entry made me laugh. Concerning the heat there, my sister said that it’s just like being in the oven. That hot? Rain, rain come again to cool off the summer heat. 🙂

    1. yup. grabe ka init diri. bisag hapit na midnight, maghukas na lang gud kay tungod sa kainit. dayon a few hours later, muuwan dayon ug walay hunong2x. weird kaayo ang weather. haha

  5. What’s up Ley, rain is good, it’s kinda like a cleaning cycle… normally when it rains heavy in Guadalupe the whole street will get flooded, i remember catching fish in a flooded road, always fun… here in Melbourne, had our first snow up in the mountains last night… in the city, we had 10 deg. avrg. temp. and it’s only autumn… right now it’s about 7 deg. outside my window… always good to see updates in any kind from you. adios amigo, keep taking pictures.

  6. sayu lagi ga-uwan diha noh? usually sa april sa cebu perte man ka-init, kung June nuon expected ang pangsang ulan. i hope di mag-ulan sa june inig uli nako (wohhoo!!!). okay lang nako ang init. coming from the desert, morag naanad na ko ana gamay. cebu here i come!!!

  7. this site is getting fancier and cooler. . .good job. Ley

    . .just reminisce on our innocence and youthful days (au revoir enfantes). . always looking forward for a heavy downpour so we could play under the rain at times totall bare and unmindful of malice. .playing boat race and shake booty when felt chilled. .those were the good ‘ole days. . hmm

  8. makalingaw ni nimo nga entry ley. yup, miss those good ‘ole days when we could frolic in the rain. nindot pud kaayo sa buhok nga tubig sa ulan. daghang salamat sa imong photos.

  9. nice layout ley!!!wow…katugnaw ba ani oi…heheh!mglantaw lng ka sa picture mura ka ug tugnawon!paeta dri oi init kaau sa desert.huhuh!

    mao ni ang summer rain!kusoga sa ulan oi…kahinumdom mn sad ko sauna sa TC f mg ulan mg baha dayon basa jud imoa jeans ug sapatos!

  10. wow grabe ka wet wet summer ha? hahahaha during my vacation grabe pod kainit waaaaaaahhhh!! paig kasa kainit,kalagot pajud kay close tanan malls for 2days.. kay holywek lage huhuhu.. wajud natagbaw sa bakasyon ug suroy..nagpuasa nlang sa bakasyon hahahaa 🙂

  11. @marvejhon basa jud hasta panty pa nmo kay ang pati uniform ug sapatos sudlan gud ug 2big bwahahahhaa… mura nata ani ug nabaruto sa colon hahahaha lol :-)… init na diay dha sa desert day? dre on d way spring nami..medyo2 ok2 npod.but cold pa ghapon ang wind

    1. hahah!mao bah,u men taga hawak diay ang tubig kay basa mn pati panty!heheh.lolz…asa diay ka skul TC sad ka???init na sugod dri bisan wla ka na initi sakit au sa panit!mao mg butang jud ka ug sunblock…sagdi lng someday maka hikap rako ug snow!!!!!

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