White Sands

A few weeks ago, I was finally able to visit Cebu White Sands in Maribago in the Island of Mactan.  For those of you who didn’t already know, Cebu White Sands at Maribago Beach was one of the most well-known resorts in Mactan. Before the arrival of high-end and modern resorts like Shangri-la, Plantation Bay, and Imperial Palace Waterpark, Cebu White Sands was one of the hottest destinations in the island. In fact, it was one-third of the super-popular resort trio in the Maribago area (which also consisted of Tambuli and Bluewater.)

Today, fortunately, despite the changing tastes of visitors and the ever-evolving line up of players in the local tourism industry, the resort still attracts a good number of tourists.


Cebu White Sands at Maribago Beach. Nice.

Resort entrance/guard house.

The main lobby and reception

View of the reception hall.

A nice-looking mini-golf course just outside the reception hall.

Very lovely.

To the pool and the garden rooms

Nice. Looks very peaceful and relaxing.

Services offered by the resort

The garden rooms. Lovely!

A small hut for a relaxing massage. Nice.

View of the restaurant and the pool.

To the beach!

View of the pool shower and the beachfront

The function hall right in front of the beach.

The beach. Nice.

Another pool behind the garden rooms.

View of the ‘neighbors.’ There’s Imperial Palace Waterpark as well as the EGI towers.

The second building of the Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort.

Visit White Sands now!

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