So, after months of planning, headaches, excitement, and replanning, we were finally able to tour the northern end of the island of Cebu. The plan was to leave Cebu City for Hagnaya Wharf in San Remigio on May 29, stay in Bantayan Island for a night, and come back the next day May 30, to try the zipline in Balamban.

Except for Lex, Ivan, and Dencio, the original cast members of SRT were still there. Plus, we got a few first timers this time (Candice, Raf, Che, and Rhea).

Bantayan Island! Look at the water!!!!

After a quick stop at the Danao Fish Port, we went straight to the Durano Foundation church in Guinsay, Danao City. I’ve made a post about this church years ago. So, here are some updates.

St. Anthony Church in Danao City!

Statue of Saint Anthony

Bust of popes. Really nice.

Another angle

Stations of the cross.

Statue of Jesus Christ atop a huge dome which houses the last supper ensemble.

The last supper. That pile on top of the table is actually a bird’s nest. Hehehe.

Erin with a Statue of Jesus Christ.

 Vet and sister Che-che.

After a few clicks, we drove to our next destination – Bogo City. Before we reached the city proper, however, we dropped by the shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Giant statue of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

The North National Road as seen from the shrine.

Friendly reminder. Hehe.

Class picture before leaving for Gaisano Bogo.

After eating lunch, we went straight to the Hagnaya Wharf in Hagnaya, San Remigio. We left our van there and waited for more than an hour for our boat. The boat was packed!

After almost two hours, we finally reached Sugar Beach in Santa Fe! Gorgeous!

Tent girls. Hahahaha.

The beach. Lovely!

Where are you going, Line?

Blue Erin!

He is King of the world!

Satchmo wants a little sunshine!

Run, Erin, run!

We stayed for one night. The next day, we left at around 10 am. We reached Bogo just before noon. After eating, we were again on the road. Next stop – Molobolo Spring in Tuburan.

Nice view!

Group picture!

We then drove straight to Balamban for our final stop – K33 Green Adventure in Gaas.

But of course we had to make a short stop to take some shots of the mountains of Balamban! Hehehe.

Then, it was time to try the zipline. Are you guys ready?


It was an awesome trip! Let’s do Malapascua this August, guys! 🙂

Additional photos by Miwi Yum of BoredandCrafty

Southern Exposure
Gabii Sa Kabilin 2010

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