MCPB Updates 4

Yey! Wala lang. My Cebu Photo Blog as of today has reached the 200K mark! Yey! Hehehe.

This isn’t supposed to be significant because I do not have site advertisers to please. Hahaha. But still, I am extremely happy. Haha. Check it ou!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support MCPB! 🙂

0 thoughts on “MCPB Updates 4

  1. That’s the reason why it has been popular kay wala’y advertisers and kanunay nimong gi-update. This is something we always look forward to. Congratulations!

  2. CONGRATS! Ley, your entries have good content about the common and not so often heard places in Cebu and you take very excellent photos. That’s why most of us love to visit your site regularly. 🙂

    Maybe you should think about blogging for extra income since you have the talents to do it. Some Cebuanos have done it and you should try it too..maybe on a separate blog. 😉

  3. Ley,

    Keep up the good work. don’t make this blog commercialized. u will reap ur monetary rewards when you will become an attorney (LOL!). look forward to see you when I will come home in ’09.

    A true blooded CEBUboy,

    Rey M.
    Toronto, Canada

  4. Sa tinuod lang Ley, kusog kau ang appeal sa imong blog.
    Vry friendly as u, and u communicate to ur readers.
    That’s y u got lots of visitors. Seeing different photo’s
    of Cebu from ur blog makes me feel at home.

    I read some people’s blogs too, but it’s boring.
    Ur’s totally different

  5. I’ve been lurking this blog for the past few months and became an avid visitor since then. This is the only place where I can get intimate with my hometown especially to those places I’d never been in my whole life. Lots of pictures and lots of stories. I luv it!!!

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  7. Congratulation Leyland!!! daghan na gyud kag Fans.

    Lagi, lahi gyud imong Blogsite Ley makaaddict gyud. ug guol kaayo kung dili makalili ug makacomment diri.

  8. to the man behind this blog no other than ley the great,
    i just wanna tell u that ur work is so helpful for anybody and i am pretty sure that u deserve an amazing reward in return of ur unselfish work. may god bless you.take care. this is ched of victoria,bc,Canada

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