MCPB at CITE 2014

Last Friday, I was able to drop by Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino in Lahug for the 2014 Cebu International Travel Expo. The CITE is an annual event which features the trends and the current movers and shakers in travel and tourism. The CITE 2014 is the first show to open the 2014 International Travel Expo Series.


Now, what exactly is the importance of the Cebu International Travel Expo? Well, basically, CITE gives tourism and leisure industry stakeholders an opportunity to feature their products to trade visitors from all over the world.

You say, “Sure. Like that would help the local travel and tourism industry!” Actually, the truth is, the CITE has a proven track record when it comes to bringing in investments and opening up opportunities to a lot of our tourism and travel professionals. In fact, last year’s CITE was visited by more than six thousand trade visitors. And the 146 companies that joined generated a total of Php 64.15 million. Yes, we’re talking about on-site sales here. Wow! Isn’t that such a big deal?

Media wall at the CITE 2014. This wall features news articles about the event.

Booth from various tourism offices and agencies.

Hey! It’s the Caraga booth! I was in Caraga last month, remember? 🙂

And the person manning the both was none other than Caraga DOT Tourism Officer Ms. Cecil Lamayon. She was our tour guide when we went to Caraga last month! 🙂 Nice to see you again, Ms. Cecil!

A lot of local and international companies joined the event.

The CITE coincided with the Cebu Food Expo as well as various exhibits like Manufacturing Technology Cebu, Agritech Cebu, Plastics and Packaging Cebu, Metal Hardware and Woodmach Cebu, Print and Label Cebu, Printers Technology-Forum Cebu, Water Technology Cebu, and TOPS Show Cebu.

This one is an actual 3D printer with some finished products. Amazing!

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By the way, thanks to Line for these photos! Check out her food blog Gastronomic Adventures now!