OOC: Amazing Bohol! (Prony)


Prony is the 11-year old python in Albuquerque, Bohol. She was found when she was around 6 years old. Now, she’s considered the biggest and longest python in captivity. I forgot the details. But she’s definitely HUGE! Not just HUGE huge. But SCARILY HUGE huge!


 The caretaker, Jing-jing, kissing Prony.

This way to Prony

Look at the size of that thing!


Eagle (?) and wild chicken


Donation for maintenance.


Prony can eat A PIG! A whole PIG!!!!!

SIkat na si Prony

Famous celebrities like Cesar Montano have seen Prony upclose.

A yellow bird.

Bra and panty from snake skin.

A foreigner with Prony.

Now, it’ my turn! Nyahahahahaha!