Out of Cebu: Amazing Bohol! (Prony)


Prony is the 11-year old python in Albuquerque, Bohol. She was found when she was around 6 years old. Now, she’s considered the biggest and longest python in captivity. I forgot the details. But she’s definitely HUGE! Not just HUGE huge. But SCARILY HUGE huge!


 The caretaker, Jing-jing, kissing Prony.

This way to Prony

Look at the size of that thing!


Eagle (?) and wild chicken


Donation for maintenance.


Prony can eat A PIG! A whole PIG!!!!!

SIkat na si Prony

Famous celebrities like Cesar Montano have seen Prony upclose.

A yellow bird.

Bra and panty from snake skin.

A foreigner with Prony.

Now, it’ my turn! Nyahahahahaha!


11 thoughts on “Out of Cebu: Amazing Bohol! (Prony)

  1. Hey there, can you please tell me where Anurqueque in Bohol? I would really appreciate it cuz Im planning yo see Prony!


  2. hey, is it true that prony was shot to death for eating the caretaker? just heard it from somebody who just arrived from bohol and said they weren’t able to see prony and that prony’s dead.. got the news just this 2nd or 3rd week of December 2007..

  3. im certain that that’s not true. we heard the same chismis before we visited prony. prony gets her meat regularly. every month. so there’s no reason she’d eat the caretaker. hehehe

  4. Hi there. You remember Agnes and me?? I am foreigner and Agnes is from Leyte. We was in pronys cage in December and say hello to her. Thank you so much for let us come in so late at night to see her.

    God bless
    Best regards from
    Kjell and Agnes

  5. Naka ari jud mi. Nag kuorog ako tuhod while naa mi sulod sa iyang cage kay basin kami iya e snack. hapon man to. but wala raman mi hilabti. Naa may bayot dra. marimar bato? mag storya about no prony. hehe. Just sharin. Nice pics ley. Love it 🙂

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