Pan “B”


We went to Cantipla today. Thirty minutes into the ride, it started raining really hard [the weather in Cebu has been AWFUL lately] so we had to stop some where. A small road-side store was big enough to accommodate us all, so we stayed there until the rain stopped. Inside that cute store [the owner was very kind, btw], we saw different kinds of ‘sopas’. ‘Sopas’ is not soup in Cebuano. It is an alternative name for ‘pan’ or bread. In rural areas, sopas are very ‘hot’ items. They are hauled by the buckets from the city, repacked, and distributed. Each pack usually costs Php5.00. Some packs contain one big bread. Other packs contain 5 cute pieces.

The most famous kinds of bread are the ‘Francis’, ‘Everlasting,’ ‘Spanish Bread,’ ‘Elorde’ – they say it was named after Flash Elorde’s powerful fists – , and the national bread – Pan Desal.

But all varieties pale in comparison to THIS BREAD.

A variety with green paste.

People call it Pan Burikat.

For those who can’t say the word, they call it Pan B.

‘Burikat’ is the Cebuano word for ‘prostitute’. This bread got its name because of the bright red paste in the bread. Red is for passion/lust/sex/love/red lipstick etc. You got my meaning? lol

Some varieties of the Pan B have green, pink or yellow paste.

I haven’t seen stores selling Pan B in a long while. That explains why I was able to eat two packs. LOL. I bought one pack home, too.