The Parkmall: Mandaue City’s Newest Lifestyle Destination


A new mall opened last May 30 at the North Reclamation Area. The mall stands on the lot where the Uniwide building was built. I’m not sure why that project wasn’t completed but I’m glad that Parkmall finished the job. Parkmall is located right beside the Cebu International Convention Center.


Here’s the front part of the mall.

View of the mall at night.

The main mall isn’t open yet. But a few shops have already opened.

Another side.

The front part of the mall has ‘zen’ gardens. Cool!

I’m not sure if these things are called ‘fountains’. Hehehe.

Another side.

The park lot.

View of the garden and park lots at night.


View of the mall from the park lot.

SM’s SAVEMORE is Parkmall’s anchor supermarket.

Mang Inasal opened on March 30.

Chicken with unlimited rice!

Suka, toyo, patis.

Visit the Parkmall now!

20 thoughts on “The Parkmall: Mandaue City’s Newest Lifestyle Destination

  1. Nice mall! I have an idea where it is ‘cuz I’ve been to CICC during Pilita Corrales concert with my sister Ethyl. What a beautiful place! Thanks for the tickets Techie & Cherryl! 🙂

  2. I look forward to checking this out when I get back to Cebu in September. Hows the new building/shopping area coming along on the water (near the new Cebu Doc)?

  3. I agree with Hoz. I’m homesick! Buak akong kasing-kasing. LOL

    Yeah, I’m excited about this new mall. Can’t wait to see it. Will there be a Bo’s there? I really miss Bo’s at Ayala Center. 🙁

  4. nice to know the updates sa cebu…mingaw nako diha. nagbakasyon ko pag christmas until sinulog pero wa ko kibaw ani na mall…

    thanks to your site! i will visit this from time to time…

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