Kris Janson is Miss Cebu 2009!


I just got home. I was able to watch live the coronation of Ms. Cebu 2009 at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug. I was lucky enough to get a  ticket from a friend. The ticket was a VIP ticket and I had to sit in the middle of well-dressed men and women with sparkling diamonds and well-pressed suits. LOL. I felt so underdressed so I stood up and stayed at the back. Hahaha.


Anyways, here are some fresh photos from my friend Line of Gastronomic Adventures.  (My camera was dead so I wasn’t able to take any photos. Hihihi.)



  Kris Tiffany Janson is Cebu’s 25th queen.

Miss Cebu 2009 Coronation Night by you.

First runner up – Rizzini Gomez

Miss Cebu 2009 Coronation Night by you.

2nd runner up – Kimberly Burden

DSC_5213 by you.

3rd runner up – Michelle Eguia

DSC_5244 by you.

4th runner up – Tara Oliver

DSC_5663 by you.


Other Contestants


No 6 – Ethel Bitoon

Miss Cebu 2009 Coronation Night by you.

No 7 – Phoebe Fernandez

Miss Cebu 2009 Coronation Night by you.

No 10 – Angela Alinabon

DSC_5261 by you.

Koring Desamparado and Sheda Lynn Dusaban with Jude.

DSC_5415 by you.




 Miss Earth 2008 – Karla Paula Henry

Miss Cebu 2009 Coronation Night by you.

Most Radiant Smile

Miss Cebu 2009 Coronation Night by you.

Ms Belo Essentials

Miss Cebu 2009 Coronation Night by you.

Gorgeous Loise – Miss Cebu 2007

DSC_5614 by you.

Apple singing for the audience

 DSC_5441 by you.

First ever Miss Cebu. Still gorgeous.

DSC_5505 by you.

 Host Kat Ross

DSC_5623 by you.

Miss Cebu 2008 Sian Maynard’s final wave.

DSC_5719 by you.

Beauty queens all.

DSC_5580 by you.

Carol Go.

DSC_5584 by you.

Richard Poon singing for the beauty queens

DSC_5556 by you.

 Sian Maynard

DSC_5520 by you.


Big thanks to Line!

45 thoughts on “Kris Janson is Miss Cebu 2009!

  1. Nganong siya man ang nakadaug? Unsa man ang gipangutana sa iyaha pag Q&A? Please can someone tell me kay ang telecast sa Studio 23 gabii wala giputol.

    Btw, ang pics unta imong gipost kay katong pagcrown na nya waving of the winners sa finale.

    1. @menchie. wala na ka take ug pics si line sa pagcrown kay people were already standing up. dili na makakuha ug good shot. and we were tired and hungry so we had to leave.

  2. Thank you LINE @ LEYLAND for these beautiful photo’s and your effort to go there, just for us your dear friends of MCPB.

    One of my choice becomes 1st runner up. Not a bad pick though.
    Is Ethel Batoon from Danao?

    Congratulations to all contestant win or not.
    Happy Fiesta to all Cebuano and Pit Senyor!!!

  3. Ang bet nako nga taga UC 1st runner up ra! Ambot ngano! Ang telecast sa Studio 23 giputol gabii… makalagot! lol

    Kani si Rizzini Gomez runner-up ra pero wa ta kahibawo bsin mapareha nya ni siya ni Karla Henry.. ma Miss Earth or MU! Hopefully, she joins the Miss Philippines-Earth or BB Pilipinas pero sa BB mga bogo may padaugon sa GMA!

  4. nya unsa may answers sa duha? imo unta tong girecord lol.

    neweiz, really thanks for the effort. nice shots! kani ra bya nga blog akong gisaligan.

    more pics will be better =)

    1. mas mudaghan pa unta ang pics. sayang lang kay lowbatt akong camera gikan sa sinulog sa kabataan. wala pa na charge. hahaha. good thing naabot si line. basin naa pa siya other photos. update lang unya ni nako

    2. more or less they had the same answer – educating the cebuanos about how precious and unique the cebuano culture is.

      nagkalahi ra sa delivery.

      the best answers (IMO) came from ms burden, ms iva, and ms rizzini. pero ok pud ang answer ni kris

  5. Wow, the winner is pretty. The other contestants are beautiful too. Congratulations to all.

    I’m glad we’re able to see them in these pictures and get to admire how beautiful they really are because in those ‘glamour’ promo shots, the makeup/hair/photo-retouching /whatever ruined their true looks.

  6. waahh,too bad kimberley got it to
    2nd runner up.. i was expecting her
    to win the crown 🙂 well,she or rizzini..
    uhm kris? no question. she’s really
    pretty 🙂

  7. We have our own standards when it comes to “beauty”. we are are not members of the board of judges though. so let us respect their decision. there were other events like pre-judging, and earlier interviews and activities which they only had the chance to see the candidates. Last night’s “judging” was not the only basis. Anyway, all the 5 winners as well as the other seven are nice picks. congratulations to all of them.

  8. My bet was Ms. Rizzini Alexis Gomez because all of us “ucinians” really supported her. We were confident that she will be the next Miss Cebu cause’ of her title as Miss Mandaue 2008 and being our Miss Nursing, but sadly, she’s 1st runner up then. I haven’t watch the entire pageant cause’ of abrupt cut telecast from studio 23, but i knew already that Kris and Rizzi will be having a close fight before the pageant started.

    I hope someone could upload the video in youtube or any.

  9. omg kris janson! CONGRATULATIONS!
    i voted for her, all the contestants were great, nag tiis lang jud ko sa online streaming! haha im so happy for her and im happy she won! 🙂


  10. she deserves d title.
    she was my bet cuz aside from d fact that she is a fellow carolinan,Kris is really pretty,a total package.congrats!

  11. I’m sure that they’re all pretty… smart… likeable… sexy… but damn!!! where is the swimsuit photo? is it just me or am i missing something here? Ley, pls. explain mate… KRIS is one hot babe… damn… so as RIZZI and KIM…

  12. The recently concluded Miss Cebu 2009 Search is not exempt from intrigues. Pageant experts can’t help commenting that the organizers could’ve made things better had they invited judges who had the trained eyes for poise and bearing or people whose credibility could not be questioned. It doesn’t matter whether one of the judges was a former supermodel, for she alone was not enough to have made a contribution in coming up with an intelligent decision at the end of the night.

    A lot of the winners of Best in Gown are obviously not worthy of their award. An intelligent judge will always bear in mind that they’re going to choose the one girl who’s got the most class and elegance, the best style and carriage, but then most of them are biased for reasons either political or personal.

    How could Rizzini have won the award this year when, obviously, she didn’t carry her gown quite well? She looked as though she was travelling hard. Many have talked here and there: Is it because she was wearing a Cary Santiago or the latter’s name is a hotstuff in Manila that she was chosen for the award? We don’t want to think that the judges were dumb, do we? The award should’ve gone to Kris Tiffany Janson because she was regal from head to toe.

    Last year’s Best in Gown should’ve been Kirstie Babor because she displayed such an opulent style and was carrying her gown with so much elan. Two years ago, it was Joan Kristine Uy who glided best as if trained by Osmel Sousa in Venezuela. In 2006, Angel Luzano stood out among her co-candidates despite the gown; she knew how to walk, didn’t she? Who can argue that during the 2002 Miss Cebu Search, it was Melanie Ediza who should’ve been awarded Best in Gown because she’s the most sophisticated of all the candidates?

  13. i do agree of what “eyes and ears” observed, re-Best in Gown, it should be awarded to Kris Janson who walks with ease, as if she’s already the Queen of the Night. OMG ! what if it was awarded to her ? You mean all the major awards will be harvested by MsCebu 2009?? I think she is happy with the CROWN more than the Best in Gown. Whats next KRIS ? ? ?

  14. ngano gud twn kris wins??? gadako lang baba ana da nga di gani na kabalo manubag…. pangita tawn mog beauty and brain candidate oi.. kasagaran sa nangapil mga kabayo au face d!! may pa last year mga gwapa ksagaran.. ang gebasehan ninyo lay au. napay runner up gadingas lang

  15. LOL @ cutie

    Actually mas deserving ang nakadaog last year. Have you heard of the recent controversy involving kris?

  16. Nag-sour graping lang nang dili kadawat sa kadaugan ni Kris Janson. While all other candidates were beautiful, her beauty and regal bearing outshone all others. She’s every inch a queen and deserves her title. Kudos to the judges who really came up with a true winner. Mas daghan ang mga intriga kung dili pa siya ang nakadaug!

  17. @ MenchieTaklay
    what “recent controversy” ang imong pasabot?
    Is it the GLOBE Texter’s Choice Award? I read in Sun.Star that Kimberly Burden shoud’ve won that award. The news article also said she (Burden) returned everything she received from the Pageant (and the 2nd-runner up trophy). How true? Is it another ala-MMFF controversy? hehehe… 😛

  18. ley, we had an up close and personal w/ all the winners during our Cebu balikbayan dinner held at Ayala, dave and i had the chance to have a one to one pics. w/them….. they were all gracious, esp. ms Janson she spoke english to me the whole time during our conversation about the US economy….. now, the 4th runner up ms Oliver she is very bubbly and “kalog” she told my hubby to grab ms cebu’s crown, believe it or not the 2nd runner up ms kim was also our bit to win based on her looks from the paper but ms janson we thought was very smart and witty ……….. after all go carolinians!

  19. I think the organizers corrected their mistakes on that same night. Basin nakalimot si Kimberly nga gi-proclaim pud cya nga winner as Texters’ Choice; cguro that was when their team approached the organizers’ table, expressing their unpleasant surprise at Kris’s winning the award. Well, they had every right to do it, but then OA ra kaayo sila. Ila jung gipadako ang issue bisag gamay rajud kaayo and there was no fiasco that took place in the first place. Ingna lang nga dili sila kadawat nga 2nd runner-up ra si Kimberly Burden. They themselves should’ve known that their bet did not even stand out from the very start. Dako kaayog lawas murag lady wrestler, dili kahibalong mulakaw, dili kahibalong mo-project, baduy mo iningles nga taga SciHi man kaha siya. Mao nay pang Miss Cebu? Shame on their team. Now, nakasabot namo nganong OA ra kaayo mo? Faeta. Stop na kay Kris Janson is wearing her crown with inborn class and elegance, not to mention her grace under pressure. Bye, mga dahumira!

  20. @tubmangal

    it sounds like Ms Kim’s camp are a bunch of unprofessionals, mind you she comes from a family of healthcare professionals, i expected more class and grace from her but what she sounds like….. a whiner and a spoiled brat! my hubby actually voted for her………. we were on our way to Korea waiting at the mabuhay lounge when we came accross her story of unsportsmanship! well, she has the right to complain……. LOL

  21. eyes and ears is entitled to express his opinion.but i do believe this person is someone who knows these girls he mentioned thats why he wanted them to win “the award”. kris janson and joan kristin uy are lucky to have a friend like you. ( yes i know who you are basing on the girls you wanted to win this award.obvious ang common denominator)

    all these “complaints” are so irritating already. pwede stop na?

    the pageant is over na bai.

    angal pajud mo na the judges were really credible. natalie glebova for an instance.and mostly were fashion editors and designers. kabalo jud na cla sa ila gibuhat.

    I’m not taking sides here but complaing because you dont find the judges credible is not a good idea. maayo na to cla mamili. their credentials and experience cannot be questioned.

  22. mas nahan ko sa first runner up maka daog og ang 2nd runner up my first… dont really like sa winner kay for me the answer is not enough…. hehehehehe unlike sa 1 and 2… nice sila.. also i saw them sa THE TERRACES mas nice ang 1st runner up… we talk and have pic together… unlike the naka daug dili kama o mo abi2x…hehehehehe the 2nd runner up me resign siya..hehehe

  23. The Glitch and Glamour:
    Burdened by ‘the beauty & the best’ of Miss Cebu
    By Ariel Allera
    Pageant Coach, A.D. Models Philippines
    Style Scribe, StyleFirm

    This is in reaction to a myriad scuttlebutts around the Miss Cebu 2009 controversy, as though not only pageant fanatics but also the people in general have been feasting on the topic based on what they’ve heard on radio, seen on T.V., let alone read in the papers. It’s quite burdening to note that some came up with reports, both written and spoken, as if they were missologists who knew much about pageants and the ropes.

    It stems from just one minor award given out during the selection cum coronation night held last January 14 at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino. The award in question is Globe Texters’ Choice, which went to Kris Tiffany Janson. While such must’ve gone to Kimberley Burden, because the latter was in the lead on the survey, it’s not in any way Janson’s fault that her name was called. The spectators present at the venue, not to mention the televiewers who were watching the event live on Studio 23, didn’t have any inkling to whom Globe Texters’ Choice award was supposed to go.

    No less than Kris herself was quite taken aback on the spot, because the latest she’d heard about the poll was that it was Kimberley who was leading. Matter of fact, when she was proclaimed the winner, she was hesitant to come forward, until she was completely sure it was her name having been called out by the host. Janson’s supporters were as surprised at the announcement, thinking that maybe, just maybe, her votes had surpassed Burden’s at the eleventh hour.

    Kris Tiffany Janson’s bagging the Miss Cebu 2009 crown at the end of the night had nothing to do with the special awards she had garnered prior to the coronation, as well as those she had acquired several nights ago when the candidates were first presented to the public in a fashion show held at the Fuente Osmena Circle. Quite a number of Miss Universe delegates ended up as winners without any special award in the first place. We can only wish that, before anyone dared to write something about this, they should have followed on prestigious pageants like Miss Universe, as religiously as they keep themselves abreast with current issues…so that they would’ve known that Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori of Japan didn’t get any special award before her crown was relinquished by Puerto Rico’s Zuleyka Rivera (Miss Universe 2006), who wasn’t awarded with any trophy or whatever prior to her coronation. Canada’s Natalie Glebova won the Miss Universe title in 2005 despite her not getting any minor award. The three successive years had our country’s delegates (2007 Bb Pilipinas Anna Theresa Licaros, 2006 Bb Pilipinas Lia Andrea Ramos, 2005 Bb Pilipinas Gionna Cabrera) winning the Miss Photogenic special awards, respectively; however, they were unplaced in the final slot. In 1999, Miriam Quiambao won as Clairol Herbal Essences Style awardee and Spain’s Diana Noguera got both the Best in Swimsuit and the Best in Gown special awards, but then Mpule Kwelagobe eventually edged them out by wearing the Miss Universe crown on her way back home to Botswana.

    For 25 years now, Miss Cebu organizers have maintained their opulent taste in choosing the right people with the trained eyes for beauty, the keen ears for the sensible brains to match. Unfortunately (read: addressed to the ones who pretend to know something), this search doesn’t have a swimsuit competition. The fact that Janson was adjudged Miss Cebu would mean no more than that the judges saw her potentiality to be Cebu’s next official ambassador of goodwill, spokesmodel for young Cebuanas, voice to the world. Kris was indisputably a stand-out amongst everyone’s bet—what with her lovely face, her vibrant personality, her classy style, her regal carriage, her good breeding, let alone her no-nonsense answer to the final question. Any intelligent audience can attest to all of the above.

    How could they question the credibility of judges Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales and Katrina Holigores? Now, some people are making insinuations that both judges must’ve accounted a lot for Kris’s victory because she had been in one of Tweetie’s and Katrina’s modelling workshops in FTV-Philippines. Dear friends, Metro Magazine’s Katrina Holigores was judging only the Best Fashion Designer (Oj Hofer) as well as the Best in Evening Gown awards (take note: the latter went to Rizzini Alexis Gomez). Isn’t it shallow?

    The pageant is not just for anybody who comes in the Cebu City Tourism Commission Office and goes through the process with at least a five-feet-four stature, a beautiful face, a well-curved body, a fair-complected skin, a mind that contains her canned answers to hackneyed questions. The commissioners aren’t a dumb bunch of organizers who will give the last slot to whoever can fill in the blank. Which is why a string of screenings are completed before the list of official candidates is finalized. It is downright ridiculous that, after all, it seems easy for some to say that Kris Tiffany Janson had not undergone the screening process before she was enlisted as one of the 12 official candidates to the 2009 Miss Cebu Search.

    It was about 2:00PM on January 29 (Thursday) when Kris and I were together in Ayala Center, en route to Starbucks, where we were supposed to sit down on our interview for my entertainment article, when we received a text message from Dexter Alazas (her mentor, managing director of A.D. Models Philippines and StyleFirm) saying that there was a formal complaint to be filed against them for violating a pageant rule that prohibits the candidates’ parents, handlers, and agents from being present in any official pageant activity. It was later stressed that Dexter attended the press conference at the Cebu City Hall and also the Miss Cebu pre-pageant night at the Fuente Osmena Circle.

    Dexter had just arrived from Puerto Princesa, Palawan, together with Jam Charish Libatog, fresh from her victory at the Mutya Ng Pilipinas pageant the night prior. Being last year’s Miss Cebu 2nd runner-up and another Cebuana who just did Cebu proud, Jam was brought straight to the Cebu City Hall where a press conference was being held for the Miss Cebu 2009 candidates, hosted by reigning queen Sian Elizabeth Maynard, attended by Libatog’s fellow runners-up from the previous year and, of course, members of the press. Dexter’s presence that evening was highly regarded because, for one, he’s the manager of Jam’s and, on the other hand, he’s a fashion columnist of The Freeman newspaper and so he had every reason to participate in the so-called question-and-answer taking place in the room. Was that hard to understand?

    True, Dexter was also present at the pre-pageant night held at the Fuente Osmena Circle. And why wouldn’t he be? He’s the one who designed and provided for all the 12 red evening gowns that the candidates were wearing at the finale of the fashion show. Is this harder to understand?

    Anyhow, Kris and I then decided to just go straight to CCTC office where Dexter was awaiting. We couldn’t help laughing up our sleeves because, how could Kris have been enlisted as official candidate if she hadn’t passed through the screening? We were all just watching the video that contains the file of that said screening where Kris’s first runner-up Rizzini Alexis Gomez was with her, standing before a panel of commissioners who were interviewing them. It wasn’t in any way intended as a special screening for Kris and Rizzini, because there were two other girls scheduled to undergo such but didn’t show up for school reasons, because the list of official candidates was not finalized yet, because the last two applicants (Kris and Rizzini) were not difficult to fill in the blank. And what do they mean Kris failed to submit her curriculum vitae? There was the official Miss Cebu application form which every aspiring candidate filled out as a prerequisite for the screening. If that’s what they mean, maybe it’s time they knew its definition and the difference between the two.

    Somehow, when thoughts are clouded with sour grapes, the mind becomes restless over nothing more or less than false accusations, a by-product of sheer envy and pure jealousy. Please bear in mind, this is not addressed to the Burdens. It doesn’t carry a wisp of insinuation for anybody following on the controversy, for we believe that hate is too great a burden to bear it injures the hater more than it injures the hated. William Shakespeare wrote, “A wretched soul, bruised with adversity, We bid be quiet when we hear it cry; But were we burdened with like weight of pain, As much or more we should ourselves complain…”

    Instead that we keep pulling the strings of Kris Tiffany Janson or try to lift the precious 25th Miss Cebu crown from her head, why don’t we support the lovely Cebuana in her cause so that, together, we make Cebu go over with a bang in the next 25 years… and beyond? (

  24. At last im back!!!
    Congratz to all the winners of miss cebu 2009!i was there but now its so sad to say im now in abroad…

    Congratz to miss Kris Tiffany Janson for winning the miss cebu’s 25th queen and congratz also to the other carolinians who joind the contest….GO carolinians…aim high!

  25. i watched TV Patrol World last night. so Janson will join the Miss Philippines automatically or personal choice na niya? kay si Karla Henry lage sa BB. Pilipinas nya ni-transfer sa Miss Philippines-Earth, dayon na Miss Earth.

  26. Kris Tiffany M. Janson is Miss Cebu 2009!!!!!

    Congratulations Ms. Kris! I knew you’d make it.
    Just follow what your heart says,
    and you will never be lost.

    – from an alumnus of SHS-J, a place we’ll always call home.

  27. Just a lonely Cebuano drifter expressing his personal opinion after exploring the various comments in related sites. No offence intended.

    Voting, whether via Internet or whatever, can be corrupted too. Corruption is a culture that’s destined to be preserved forever. Not only in Cebu, but also everywhere else in this planet. It’s been with us since the dawn of time. It’s needless promoting this culture.

    Anyway, if the people of Cebu be the judge, I’d suggest that they base their judgment on their observation of the candidate’s stage presentation during that evening’s event. This includes how intelligently she answered the question.

    Note that the selection criteria are brain and beauty. Although, personally, I prefer the 5bs men sought after, viz., brain, beauty, body, breast, and bottom. You could say that I have a higher standard. Whatever, this can be determined only by actually watching the event. Either during that evening or later. Not via voting or anything else.

    One site spotted a flaw in a candidate’s dress days before the event. I don’t think it was a good idea to highlight that in an open forum for the world to see. It was rather humiliating for her. And also embarrassing for both her and the organizing committee. Doubt that it was her fault. Better if it had been privately brought to the attention of the people concern. And the flaw quickly fixed.

    While not against the no-swimsuit-competition, I find the term “beauty pageant” misleading. I got the impression that swimsuit competition is included. Frankly, though, I prefer that it remains as it is. Preserves the Cebuano culture. Historically, beauty contests in Cebu barrios didn’t have swimsuit competition.

    Oh, no, don’t get me wrong. I certainly love watching topless beauties in thong bikinis suntanning at the beach. I doubt that Cebu has this tourist spot.

    Oh, how I miss Cebu! Especially the haunting beauties of the Cebuanas. But I must admit that, in a certain way, they’ve always given me problems. Especially the naughty ones. The irony is, I prefer the naughty Cebuanas. Why did I roam? Far away from home?

    Like Miss Kris Tiffany Janson, I’d still call Cebu home. And I’d still call Cebu paradise. Mainly due to the lovely Cebuanas that are everywhere.

    Congratulations to you, Miss Kris Tiffany Janson. Well done. You deserve it. Indeed, you’re every man’s dream. No doubt about it.

    Also, congratulations to the runner-ups and the aspirants. All the best in your future endeavours. Always remember that risk defines life.

    Currently living down under. Australia’s facing an ageing population problem and the government is providing incentives for young girls to get pregnant. I’m keen on contributing something. I’m taking up this glorious quest to find me a young Cebuana to be my soulmate. So, she can breed me an entire herd and help populate Australia. It’s a noble purpose, don’t you agree?

    No worries. Australia’s a rich country that’s sparsely populated. 20M people in a size that’s 25X the Philippines.

    Kana kon dunay usa nila modaginot nako. Kon wa, maglaway na lang ko.

  28. To: Miss Kris Tiffany M. Janson,

    You’re endowed with such an awesome charismatic appearance. Venus personified. Goddess of Beauty.
    Your stage presentation was absolutely spectacular and magnificent. Truly a wonderful performance. Really a giant leap for you.

    You brought honour and glory to our beloved alma mater.

    What will always be treasured deep in my heart is your answer.
    No matter how far or how wide I roam,
    I still call Cebu my home, my paradise.

    Reminds me of T. S. Elliott’s “We shall not cease from exploration. But at the end of all our explorations, we will go back to where we started, only to know the place for the first time”.

    When will I go back to live permanently in Cebu? Maybe this year. Maybe next year. Maybe never.

    Yes, accepting reality. The life we lead is almost always not the one we want to live but the one we are forced to live in order to survive.

    Vaya con Dios. Always remember that life’s a rollercoaster ride. Whatever happens, keep smiling. Life is just a joke. A comedy of errors.

    A Lonely Cebuano Drifter

  29. As I read the past few issues of the Freeman, nagkadaku na man diay ning away sa Texter’s Choice Award, hapit na moabot sa korte kay morag dili man matagbaw ang mga nagreklamo sa offer sa City Gov aron mabawi ang sayop. Busa, akong gitan-aw usab ang mga pics nga nia dinhi. Gi-examine na pod nako tag-sa tagasa. Well, I feel nga correct gyud ang placement sa mga winners. Kris’s beauty of face, regal bearing and class stand out. Rizzini, Kimberly and the rest who are also beauties are correctly placed in their standings. Ako pod tan-aw usab ang promo pics. Kimberly’s sweet face stands out kay siya ra ang wala himoang vampira sa make-up artist, and this is probably one reason why she became the favorite of the text voters. Ug dili, di ba ang usual winner ani kadtong nigasto o nag-organize og text brigade?


    MISS CEBU 2009: God’s Will and Kris’s Grace
    By Ariel Allosada Allera

    Despite controversies and all the hullabaloos Kris Tiffany Janson is beaming her reign as the 25th most beautiful lady Cebu has recently enthroned. To date, the 19-year-old Management Accounting Carolinian has been wearing her illustrious crown as gracefully as she made a stride towards her crowning moment during the Miss Cebu 2009 Search a few weeks ago.

    “What an experience it has been. I’m still quite surprised at the thought of being Miss Cebu, since I never ever dreamed of joining a beauty contest, although my grandmother used to tell me as a little girl that I should be a beauty queen when I grow up,” Kris recalls.

    Prior to the pageant, Kris admitted to not being inclined to pivoting on the world of pageants, although her sweeping background in modelling would have triggered the decision to give it a shot. She thought, should she join the prestigious Miss Cebu, she might as well make up her mind for the next year’s search. She discloses, “Some inner voice was telling me that it’s God’s will for me to join, that it’s going to be the right time, that I should go out there and encourage others by my example to believe in themselves.”

    Divine intervention, that is.

    True to her word, the first-time candidate shone on the pageant night, and eventually outshone the seasoned some. “I couldn’t believe my confidence while I was on stage, but I knew that God was taking charge of every moment, because I was in a state of grace. All along I never doubted His power to help me cast my fears aside,” the God-fearing Cebuana beauty testifies to her faith.

    Kris may be classified as Cebu’s most bankable print-ad model, as well as one of the city’s most favorite runway mannequins, but then she’s not one to vaunt her feats. A member of a devout Catholic family and a student of a train of Catholic learning institutes from grade school to college (viz: St. Benedict Childhood Education Centre, Sacred Heart School-Jesuits, De La Salle University, University of San Carlos), it will just be a piece of cake to tell that Kris has breeding, her faith in God is firm, and her humility is such that she’s one to keep a low profile no matter how many billboards she’s on, or how many times people have seen her in glossies, or the many prominent runways she’s catwalked on.

    During the “L’Amore Bridal Fashion Show” one weekend, the 2009 Miss Cebu Kate Mossed the Style Lounge of ParkMall in the Reclamation Area, together with her colleagues at A.D. Models Philippines, donning the exquisite creations of Cebu’s top couturiers. Kris wowed the crowd as the latter oohed and aahed at the beauty queen and the supermodel wannabe who was strutting the venue in a Dexter Alazas.

    “I enjoy modeling. My highest goal here is to become a Ford Supermodel, like my fellow A.D. model Verns Buckley who was blessed enough to penetrate the international scene. In the meantime, I want to concentrate on my responsibilities as Miss Cebu 2009, which I’m enjoying a lot. I would like my reign to be uniquely enriching not only for me but also for every Cebuano,” Kris explains.

    Hence, how would Kris Tiffany Janson like to be remembered amongst the 25 Miss Cebus? “Well, every one of us would’ve worn our respective crowns as beautifully as we would’ve lived up to our title uniquely,” she retorts graciously.

    A Miss Cebu’s reign embodies a year-round itinerary of commitments, all for the good of Cebu and its people that proudly put Kris in the forefront as an emissary of goodwill. But as far as her personal crusade is concerned, the altruistic young lady shares, “My mentor Dexter Alazas and I are working on a campaign which we fondly call ‘Trash to Cash,’ wherein we’re going to turn scrap fabrics into dolls, design clothes to be made of fabric combinations and patchworks, recycle other alternative garments for livelihood. We’re going to talk the Clothes for Life Foundation into supporting us in this cause.”

    “Trash to Cash” is aimed at putting into the public domain, particularly the Cebuano populace, its inspiring and feasible alternative to respond to the current global economic crisis which, apparently, is unravelling at great speed.

    “I take it as part of my platform being Miss Cebu 2009 to somehow make a difference in the lives of everyone. As a model, this particular project is my way of reciprocating all the perks that I get in the fashion industry. And because we’re all affected by the international economic system, I believe it’s a good response. By the way, who says it’s impossible to remain stylish during times of economic harship? After all, it’s fun to be a recessionista,” the responsible yet sensible Cebuana justifies, as gracefully as she tunes in to that voice within her where she finds the divine confidence to live out her reign to the fullest. (

  31. I’m one of the many people in Davao who have been observing the Miss Cebu pageant with great interest. In my own opinion, Miss Janson was indeed the better candidate. She deserved the crown. It was only unfortunate that they mistakenly announced her name as Texter’s choice (which, I suspect have been mostly Familia Burden’s choice–haha! nagsayang pa talaga kayo ng pera!).

    What I really don’t understand is, what justice is the Burden Family (especially-the STAGE MOTHER), wants? The committee have already publicly apologized (mistakes happen!). They have already awarded the prizes she deserved. At the end of the day, HER DAUGHTER WILL NEVER BE MISS CEBU. The judges didn’t think so, at least. (For me, Miss Kim was never pretty- sorry!). She wasn’t even first runner up. So, if Miss Janson is ever stripped of the crown, it’s Rizzini who will be the one to take over, not Miss Burden.

    Do the Cebuanos really want to spend millions to stage another event as prestigious as the last just so they can announce the rightful Texter’s Choice? Huh? As if the pageant wasn’t extravagant enough! (Think about Cebu’s street children please!)

    Dr. Burden, you are only putting your daughter in the spotlight that she doesn’t need. This is only bad publicity for her. She was never that pretty, physically. Maybe she’s a good daughter, a good student. But just let her be. Stop being such a stage mom. I noticed, Kim never voiced her opinion to the public about what has happened. It was always you. Why won’t you just let her stand with her own two feet?

    Think about it.

    1. Ms. Davaoena, actually Ms. Kim actually spoke on the matter. I read in the Freeman quoting her as saying that the Texter’s Choice Award is more important to her than the Ms. Cebu title. because the TCA means that she is the choice of the people.

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