In Photos: Gabi-i Sa Kabilin 2008


Gabi-i Sa Kabilin (Night of Heritage) is a special project organized by five heritage museums in Cebu to celebrate the World Museum Day. During this special night, five museums – Sto. Niño Museum, Cathedral Museum, Casa Gorordo, Fort San Pedro, and the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral Home – will remain open until midnight to accommodate as many visitors as possible. Ticket fee is only Php 100 for all 5 museums. And if you want to visit the museums in style – on a Calesa – you just have to pay Php 50.00. Ain’t it cool?

The event was organized to give both local and foreign tourists a ‘personal experience’ of the rich Cebuano heritage and encourage locals to visit the museums and learn more about their colorful past.

And what an awesome experience it was! I hope the organizers would do this again! 🙂

(We were only able to visit 3 museums because we had to do something very important 🙁 )

An age-old bust of Hesu Kristo at the Cathedral Museum.

Fiesta mood in Casa Gorordo.

Our first stop was the Casa Gorordo.

When we got there, a cebuano artist was reading a Cebuano poem. It was really cool. I wasn’t able to take photos, though. LOL. And I learned from my friend (Milay who works there) that Inday Titang, the original Sinug dancer of Cebu, already performed with her troupe. Dang!

Here are some photos I took.

Ifugao dance

The performance was really intimate. The dancers performed right in front of us.

Igorot dance.


All together now!

This was a really fun courtship dance. The two guys were trying to win the girl’s heart. The foreign guests were all laughing and clapping their hands during this number.

Now, there are three guys trying to win her heart. LOL.

A mindanaoan dance.

This kid sang a beautiful Cebuano song about a child longing for his father. Nice one!

Interpretative dance


After the performance, we went straight to the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral Home. The place rocks!

The ancestral home.

You can’t come in with your shoes on. You have to take them off and wear this special pair of slippers. 🙂

The ancestral home has an awesome collection of age-old pieces.

Mom with Mrs. Sandiego in full Filipiniana outfit.

Mom with two senioritas sitting by the window.

Portrait of the Sandiego family.

These figures are very old, I was told.

An old image of the Niño.

The steps.

The well outside the house.

Outside, dancers were dancing traditional dances.

Kalesas picking visitors up.


Then, it was time to check out the Cathedral Museum.

The facade.

The main door.

Cebu is Cuna Del Cristianismo – Cradle of Christianity

The victorious Archangel San Miguel (correct me if im wrong ha. hehe)

Photograph of the old Parian District.

Vestments of His Emminence.

Age-old statues.

I’m not exactly sure what these pieces are. 🙂 Nold, need some help here! LOL

Book of Expenses and Accounts

Another very old statue.




Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo

Gabii Sa Kabilin - San Diego     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Cathedral Museum

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Casa Gorordo     Gabii Sa Kabilin - San Diego

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Cathedral Museum     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Cathedral Museum

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Cathedral Museum     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Cathedral Museum

Gabii Sa Kabilin - Cathedral Museum     Gabii Sa Kabilin - Cathedral Museum


21 thoughts on “In Photos: Gabi-i Sa Kabilin 2008

  1. Nice memorabilia. Is there any caption that this is an old photo of the parian district? It looks like the Cebu Cathedral on the right and the monument to the left is that of Rajah Hamurabi, adjacent to where the St. Peter Funeral home is now. The building to the front must be the Patria de Cebu.
    But if that is the old parian district, then the church could be where the fire station is now, and that monument was the demolished unnnamed structure within the triangular island where the Cebu Heritage now stands, while the building to the front is the present barangay hall of parian in Espana St.
    This is a must see picture.

  2. Hopefully, this becomes a regular event. I am happy to hear they made it affordable. My wish is for many people – locals and visitors alike – to go and learn more about Cebu’s cultural heritage. Sad to say, I have never been to any of these museums.

    Asa man na ang Yap-Sandiego home, Ley?

  3. I saw that YS Ancestral Home when we went to see the Cebu Heritage, but the windows were closed. 🙂 Nicely taken pics, as usual.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience Ley! This is really a great project and I hope they will continue to do this. I wonder if these museums are open to the public on regular days ’cause I would love to visit someday.

    Great photos as usual. Keep up the awesome job!

  5. . . . .another great shots, Ley on our beloved Cebu’s ‘Kabilin’. This should be promoted by our government officials-the city and province altogether. A regular show (sing, dance, and play) could be held maybe weekends for time being and maybe extended depend on public demand. They can sell tickets for the show to help defray some expenses plus government subsidy to keep it going. This is to show to local indigenes and tourist alike our ‘kabilin’. I read this on the Sunstar issue the past week and not much shots displayed like here in your MCPB. Kudos to you , Ley for keeping Cebu alive!!!!


  7. thank you kaayo Ley, I really love to visit places like this, I have a really good friend in Vegas who will kill (figure of speech lang ha) for these antiques….. hehehehe…. lovely

  8. I believe the Gabii sa Kabilin is done every year, and the Casa Gorordo Museum, for one, is open on regular days. Hopefully more will take part in a night of heritage and relive Cebu’s rich past.

    Nice photos, Lan! Hopefully next year you’ll catch me taking the reigns of the kalesa – it was scary to death but hilarious, hehehe.

  9. I would really support kung e promote pod ni sa mga schools para students will be aware about these treasures we have sa Cebu . . .

  10. ley, where is yap-sandiego ancestral home located? mao ni siya atbang dapit sa parian fire station?? going to casa gorordo, i remember seeing an old house right at the adjacent corner of parian fire station …

  11. hey, nice pictures and experiences
    im going to cebu macatn this coming june12 and ill be staying there for 6mos or so… working at macatn, waterfront casino

    im excited but uncertain coz i donno any people there, well maybe in time, your time we can miggle.


  12. thanks ley for the info, during my college years we always attend a mass in Cebu Cathedral Church but i never know that theres a museum beside, hopefully we can visit those sites that youve mention on my next holiday puhon, bisan Bisdak ni still a lot to discover in Cebu. One more to come the Nino Paraiso and that would be AMAZING.

  13. Magnificent! I got teary eyed.

    If only we have more museums and if more people would lend an active hand in the preservation of our local treasures, more Cebuanos—and foreigners—would appreciate the richness of Cebuano heritate and culture.

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