Need For Speed


Kartzone in Mabolo (near Paseo), is one of the most favorite hang-outs of Cebuano motor bike hobbyists and enthusiasts. The racetrack has regular races for underbone chasis bikes and regular race bikes. Locals and foreigners alike frequent Kartzone (which also has a bar and restaurant) to watch exciting races free of charge.


The well-maintained racetrack of Kartzone in Mabolo.

Going for gold.

Underbone chasis bike (the type you usually see nowadays) race

Bend it like Beckham! LOL

Fans and spectators cheering for their favorite racers.

End of round!!!

After the round, there was a short break. Here are some of the sexy umbrella girls getting ready for the next batch of racers.

Kartzone bar and restaurant

The three racers with their umbrella girls. This one’s for another category (bigger bikes).

On your mark. Get set…


Go go go!!! The last guy looks like he’s having a hard time.

It’s a close fight!

And he’s not giving up.

But suddenly… He lost control…

I think the race has a ‘no touch rule’. So if the guy wants to still be in the race, he must get up and get back on the racetrack on his own.

Liquid flowing from his bike.

Imagine how his elbow would look like without that thick padding.

Cebu ERUF representative on standby. But it seems like he’s all right. 🙂

The foreign dude said that he was all right. Here he is smiling and talking about the experience.

The two other racers completed the race. It was a very close fight.


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