Revisiting Matutinao


We went to Matutitanao in Badian over the weekend. Originally, I thought we were going to Badian Island. So when Masil told me that a few of her friends from work were going on a weekend trip, I decided to tag along. It was, after all, a once-in-a-lifetime chance. When we met last Saturday, however, I learned that we were only going to Badian. Yes, Kawasan-Badian.

I felt a bit let down while waiting for Masil and her officemates at the V-Hire terminal. I mean, I’ve been to Kawasan a gazillions times and I thought that I had other better things to do on a Saturday night other than gazing at the faces of unfamiliar people huddled around a bon-fire. LOL.

I was texting Masil and asking her where they were when two ladies came to me. One of them said, “Leylander of MCPB?” I said yes and the lady said “I’m Anita. I visit your blog often.”

It was a really crazy thing! Both of us (actually the three of us. LOL) could only laugh at the circumstance. I mean, what are the chances of meeting someone who maintains a foreign address, who reads your blog, who recognizes your face, and who knows your names, at the CITILINK terminal? I’d say 1 in 3 billion!!! LOL.


Bridge and the river

Our tour guide – Mary Jane – and her brother Diony.

The lantays…

Hotdogs and marshmallows!!!

Three hungry dogs!

We never knew what to expect of the place until the first rays of the morning sun said Hi to Badian. I have to say thank you to Ecel and her uncle – the owner of the place – for the wondeful time!

The place is gorgeous!

This is the very same water from the waterfalls.

That small sandbar with a small patch of vegetation is NOT an island. It is actually the other side of the river.

Low tide on the other side.

A nice little hut for beach goers.

Masil and Lala

Sharol enjoying the view

And did you guys have to do that? LOL

We decided to go to Kawasan – since Masil has never been there. Just a few minutes later, we reached the main road.

Yellow Papaya

Badian is a really lovely town. Very clean and pretty.


The south national road

A few meters later, we saw the sign.

When we crossed the bridge, we saw our beach! Woohoo! A few meters up, you see fresh water kissing the sea.

View of the river from the bridge.

Basketball court by the river.

Matutinao Elementary School

Slang kaayo da! Learnin’!!!

Church of Matutinao

Trek to the Falls

Souvenirs anyone?

Php 10.00 each

Our tourguide enjoying her Cloud 9.

Excited much?

Photo Op: Rose. Hehehe

Mr. Clean

Waiting for true love’s kiss.

First falls where a terrible thing happeneded to two Koreans

No more Jumping allowed

On our way back, we decided to get some Halo-halo! Woohoo!!!

Water has started to rise when we returned to the house.

Fishing boat

Outdoor shower


Tourguide MJ

The beach. Gorgeous!

Local kids

Lunch time!!!

Thanks guys!!!