Lumad Basakanon Comes Home


Today, Sinulog 2008 Free-Interpretation champ and Cebu’s pride Lumad Basakanon of Basak Pardo performed for the people who supported them tirelessly – the people of Pardo, Cebu City. A few other contingents joined the festivities to honor the Holy Child – Sr. Sto. NiΓ±o.


The entire event became a sort of Meet-and-Greet as fans were able to interact and communicate with the members of the group.

Two members getting the carabao in place.


Ate forcing his younger brother to touch the carabao.

Excited fans not minding the blazing heat.

IPI’s safari bus arrives.

Little King

The man behind Lumad Basakanon – Mr. Rama.

Show starts in a few minutes.

Ahhh. Kainit!

Boy Scouts from nearby University of San Jose-Recoletos help secure the area.

Instrumentalists in place

And the dancers are ready.

And just when I thought I would finally be able to see their performance live and upclose, they started dancing facing the opposite direction. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! LOL

After their performance, USJ-R’s Boy Scouts also performed their halad.

Complete with props na sila ha. Hehehe.

More contingents were waiting outside. They even had higantes.

Two cute dancers from a nearby sitio.

Highway dancin’. Hehehe.

Contingent from Sitio Lupa.

They start ’em young. Hehehe.

Flower girls.

Back view. Hehehehe.

Lingi gamay beh. Hahaha.

He ain’t heavy….

Ain’t afraid of the sun.

This little girl left her group and just ran around. LOL.

Pit Senyor!