Hold On To Your Pooches: Stray Dogs Operation in Cebu City

When I went to work this morning, I noticed four men carrying wires and sticks. I was walking up the building towards our office when I saw this poor dog running around the parking lot in what seems to me like his last attempt to outwit his future captors. Then, he was trapped. Slowly, the four men inched closer and before the dog could even cry out for help, the wire was around its neck.

Four men successfully cornered a street dog during an early morning operation in Cebu City this morning.

Nope, this is nothing illegal. In fact, this is a project of the city government – to rid the streets of stray dogs. Various reports have been brought to the city mayor’s office regarding stray dogs ‘harassing’ neighborhoods and endangering the lives of young kids. Thus, this project.

Dogs which are seen roaming the streets are automatically caged, marked, and brought to the City Pound Office. There, they are kept for a week or two. Owners must claim their dogs right away. Unclaimed dogs are burned, I think. (Note: They are not actually burned but electrocuted, according to readers.)

Our dog Hansen once thought that he could live on his own and disappeared from his cage. Our neighbors told us to try and check at the “city pound” office. And true enough, he was there. He tried to run away a couple of times after that. But I guess he learned his lesson.

Take a look at this series of action shots taken during the operation held this morning in Lahug, Cebu City.


In total, I saw eight dogs inside the cage.

So, my advice to all of you dog owners: Keep those gates or cages locked and never lose sight of your beloved pets. If you can, put a tag around your dog’s neck with your name and contact number. If possible, take note of your dog’s peculiarities and body marks so they can easily be identified once you return them missing. If it’s already too late and your dog is actually missing right now, don’t forget to check with the City Pound Office right away!

16 thoughts on “Hold On To Your Pooches: Stray Dogs Operation in Cebu City

  1. Wow, this is very interesting reporting. Good job Leylander. I am very impressed by your reporting and composition. Professional kaayo!

    I have a suggestion, Why don’t you feature the POLITICAL SCENE sa Cebu. In as much as yuo have your camera with you the whole time, why don’t you take pictures of any campaign materials, posters ug uban pa. Kami diri sa abroad kay interested kaayo to know about political happenings sa atoa.

    I told a lot of my friends and other organizations about your blog. Pila na lang ka adlaw sikat na kaayo ning imong website hahahaha. Wait ka lang!

    Also, kung makuhaan nimo ug pictures ang mga politiko samtang nangampanya, Maybe you can start sa Consolacion hahaha.

    Gungob for Mayor and Ember Alinsug for Vice-Mayor!


    1. Actually, not all. In fact, most people I know abhor and don’t eat dog meat.

      I can’t bring myself to eat dog meat; I’m a dog lover and I have two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Maltipoo.

  2. Ngeeks. I don’t think so. hehehe..

    But I heard it’s a big thing way up North (Luzon).

    Cebuanos do not have a local term for a dogmeat dish. But tagawgs do (Azucena).

  3. naku

    its also a routine here in makati, city vets team would round up the streets looking for stray dogs.

    its good so that the rabies scare would be minimized and this would also encourage responsible pet ownership.

  4. I’m for rabies prevention. Tagging with owner’s information, it’s a very good idea. Also, take a picture of your dog, it’s much easier to find a lost dog this way.

  5. This is interesting! I’m glad the cebuano officials took actions on these stray dogs. Although, I would recommend they change the technique of capturing those dogs. From the look of the pictures it seems harsh. Other than that this is a great move!
    I guess you were in the right place, in the right time Leylan! Nice job!

    1. Hehehe..it looks harsh but it is not. The dog fights when he is captured by strangers. But once he is settled down in the cage, he usually calms down unless he picks a fight with another dog.

  6. very nice shots right there Leylan.
    i know the city has no priority budget on this but i just think that city pound agents should at least be equipped with better dog catching and protection gear kai delikado baya nig ma paakan na hinoon ni sila.
    and did u say “burned”?? ha! tinood ka?? kayasa pud ana oi.

    stray people is a problem as bad as stray dogs so i hope there would also be a solution for jaywalking. (please take pictures also of jaywalkers caught on the act coz i think it is as interesting as stray dogs pics)

    1. No, not burned. They’re electrocuted or placed in gas chambers.

      Pero ang maayo unta lethal injection. Problem is, the city doesn’t have enough money to buy the drugs and the syringes.

  7. “Unclaimed dogs are burned, I think”

    well the unclaimed dogs are actually euthanized via carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a horrid ordeal. The dogs actually become disoriented then loose conscousness before they go to heaven. Last time I checked they were buried.

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