Hold On To Your Pooches

When I went to work this morning, I noticed four men carrying wires and sticks. I was walking up the building towards our office when I saw this poor dog running around the parking lot in what seems to me like his last attempt to outwit his future captors. Then, he was trapped. Slowly, the four men inched closer and before the dog could even cry out for help, the wire was around its neck.

Four men successfully cornered a street dog during an early morning operation in Cebu City this morning.

Nope, this is nothing illegal. In fact, this is a project of the city government – to rid the streets of stray dogs. Various reports have been brought to the city mayor’s office regarding stray dogs ‘harassing’ neighborhoods and endangering the lives of young kids. Thus, this project.

Dogs which are seen roaming the streets are automatically caged, marked, and brought to the City Pound Office. There, they are kept for a week or two. Owners must claim their dogs right away. Unclaimed dogs are burned, I think. (Note: They are not actually burned but electrocuted, according to readers.)

Our dog Hansen once thought that he could live on his own and disappeared from his cage. Our neighbors told us to try and check at the “city pound” office. And true enough, he was there. He tried to run away a couple of times after that. But I guess he learned his lesson.

Take a look at this series of action shots taken during the operation held this morning in Lahug, Cebu City.


In total, I saw eight dogs inside the cage.

So, my advice to all of you dog owners: Keep those gates or cages locked and never lose sight of your beloved pets. If you can, put a tag around your dog’s neck with your name and contact number. If possible, take note of your dog’s peculiarities and body marks so they can easily be identified once you return them missing. If it’s already too late and your dog is actually missing right now, don’t forget to check with the City Pound Office right away!