Sinulog 08 Update 4


Behind The Scenes

Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Lalawigan 2008 – Saturday January 12, 2008
Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan 2008 – Sunday January 13, 2008

Flickr was being an ass earlier today. My Sinulog Sa Kabataan pics took hours to upload. [I have over 300 pics. LOL]]So, I’m posting some of my ‘behind-the-scene’ photos in the mean time. Maabtan na lang tingali nig Sinulog akong Sinulog Sa Kabataan pics. Hahahaha.






Cashing In


Tough Luck

Si Chocolate Ug Si Ako. Hahaha.



Hats Off!

Peace, brother!


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  1. Wow. Did I say wow? Nanglibaw’t man akong balhibo ining imong pictures, Ley. Pwerte gyung nindota. I must say I am very impressed with your artistic (not to mention technical) skills in photography. The first and third photos are my favorites.

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