It’s Buko Time!


When I hear the word summer, the word ‘buko’ always comes to mind. Maybe because the ‘lubi’ reminds me of the sea, sand, and sun. Or maybe because I just love ‘Buko Juice’ so much.

In the town of Compostela, a certain baranggay is famous not only for its cool beaches but also for its oh-so-yummy BUKO JUICE. In this part of the South, as many as ten small stores sell fresh buko juice by the roadside to thirsty travelers. And we’re not talking about plain coconut water here. We’re talking about coconut water with milk, sugar, and strips of tender meat from young coconuts. And if that’s not amazing enough, it’s served to you ice-cold! I’m sure no one in their right minds could say no to that! Hehehehe.


Manong in action.

Empty ‘shells’. LOL

People in expensive cars mix and mingle with random strangers here to freshen up.

Delivery truck drivers enjoying their buko juice.

 Fresh coconuts, anyone? 🙂

Enjoy your buko juice with these chichirya.

Big glass sells for Php 15.00 only. Small glass sells for Php 8.00.

The ’empty shells’ are placed in this empty field.

Fear not. They are not wasted. For they become ‘pangsugnod’! The coconut is not the ‘Tree of Life’ for nothing!