Cordova IS Bakasi!

Cordova, in Mactan, is the Bakasi Capital of Cebu. I’m not sure what a Bakasi is but it’s like a small eel.  Well, maybe it is. Hehe. Anyways, people from as far as Talisay City flock towards Cordova to enjoy different Bakasi dishes.


Some Bakasis are dried on the beach.

Manang drying fresh bakasis.


The island of Cebu!

Low tide

Banca houses/rafts

Rocky beach

Satchmo and the rocks

Another vain shot

The beach

Old banca

Welcome to Kamampay!


Good with corn.

I couldn’t finish it. It feels funny. hehehe


How to debone a Bakasi

He sells seashells



To the main road


Satchmo in the shade


Happy Birthday Satchmo!!!
Cebu Goes Green

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