Torta: Argao’s Best

On our way back to the city from Oslob, we dropped by the town of Argao to grab some snacks. Of course, we went to Chitang’s to buy their famous Torta de Argao. The Torta of Argao is very popular because of its distinct taste (they say one special ingredient is the bahalina/tuba.) Tourists, out-of-towners, and even locals also frequent Chitang’s for other favorite delicacies like podreda, tostado, and piñato!

Chitang’s slogan “Magkabahaw Magkalami” literally means than the torta becomes tastier as it becomes more and more unfresh/stale. 🙂

Torta de Argao!

If you see this sign, you’re in the right spot.

The shop is found on this tiny quiet street near the town church.

The very cute store.

Wow! Free WIFI!


Failed to get the name of this lovely thing.

This delicious-looking delicacy, too.

And this! Looks really yummy!


Piñato! A personal favorite!


Tamarind balls!

And, of course, Torta!

Argao’s Best!

Dig in!

Have you tasted Argao’s Torta? Tell us what you think about it!

15 thoughts on “Torta: Argao’s Best

  1. naglaway dyud ko ani. pila na man ang torta karon, ley? are they selling chitang’s torta at the malls too? thanks for posting these yummy goodies, ley.

  2. I have been following your blogs and the two latest ones are very interesting. Taga Cebu man gud ko, Carcar to be exact, pero dia na ko magpuyo sa England. Mobisita ko unya sa Hunyo ug nagplano nga mangadto sa Oslob to see the whale sharks. Have you had any personal experience of this attraction? Anyway your trip to Oslob blog has whetted my appetite and whale or no whale the trip should be brilliant. Thank you for your blogs.

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