Post-War Cebu

While the other parts of the Philippine archipelago were still trying to figure out how to get their engines running again after the war, Cebu was quick to recover.

Below are some photos I found in online forums. Captions, unless otherwise indicated*, are copied word for word.

Americal Division forces approach beach landing site at Talisay, near Cebu City, Philippines, March 26, 1945.
Army Signal Corps photo #204237, Natl. Archives

*Notice the smoke rising from the City

 First troops of the 3rd Battalion, 132nd Infantry, Americal Division, wade ashore, across heavily-mined beaches, during the invasion of Cebu Island, P.I., at a point juse [sic] south of Cebu City. The invasion was preceded by heavy naval and aerial bombardment. 3-26-45.

*Cebu Liberation

Americal Division troops on the beach after landing at Talisay on March 26, 1945, commencing the liberation of Cebu.

*Talisay, Cebu

“Shipping and dock facilities are easily distinguishable in this aerial view made of the harbor of Cebu, P.I., 4/4/45.”

*I think that’s Piers 3, 4 and 5.

Aerial view of Cebu City dock area after liberation, 1945

*I think that small building near the tail of the boat is the Malacanang sa Sugbo.


“This is the way Cebu City, Cebu, P.I., the second largest city in the Philippines, appeared to troops of the Americal Division upon their entry. Wrecked by retreating Japs [sic], after such fighting across heavily mined roads. Note skeletons of buildings in the background.

Cebu Provincial Capitol Building after liberation, 1945

*Space now Jones Avenue

“Members of the 182nd Infantry, Americal Division, check through linens found in a Japanese cave on Babag Ridge, Cebu, P.I. 4/19/45”

*Now Barangay Babag