Young Cebu: Vintage Photos of Cebu

Sir Billy, a regular visitor of MCPB sent me an email today. Attached were awesome photos of Cebu during the early part of the century. He said that he saw the photos in DYAB’s blog and that he wasn’t sure who uploaded them. He copied some of the photos because he wanted to let everyone know how Cebu looked like around 50 to 100 years ago.

I’ve seen these awesome photos before (and have also forgotten who originally uploaded them). But, just to make it clear, these photos are not mine. They were just forwarded to me. If you are the owner of these photos and you wish for me to remove them, please let me know right away. I can and will remove them if necessary. Thanks.

The Cebu Harbor

old pier by mycebuphotoblog.

The San Nicholas Church of the Municipality of Dalaguete.

The old Magallanes Street was already very progressive when this photo was taken.

old_cebu01 by mycebuphotoblog.

The old Cebu Lumber Co where EMall is now currently standing.

old_cebu02 by mycebuphotoblog.

According to the caption, this one is an American clubhouse near Aduana.

old_cebu06 by mycebuphotoblog.

This was how the harbor looked like back then.

pierside by mycebuphotoblog.

Check out how grand and respectable our policemen looked even with just their bolos.

policemen by mycebuphotoblog.

The Cebu Provincial Capitol looking really young and fresh.

capitol by mycebuphotoblog.

The oldest street in the Philippines — Colon Street.

colon by mycebuphotoblog.

View of the old Customs House which is now more popularly known as Malacañan Sa Sugbo

customs by mycebuphotoblog.

The Fort San Pedro entrance looks exactly the same today.

fort by mycebuphotoblog.

View of Fort San Pedro. Those guys are standing in the area now occupied by the Post Office.

fort san pedro by mycebuphotoblog.

The Fountain Rotunda. Gorgeous.

fuente by mycebuphotoblog.