In Photos: Parish of the Alliance of Two Hearts in Banawa, Cebu City

The Parish of the Alliance of Two Hearts Church is a church situated along Horseshoe Drive in Banawa, Cebu City. Its member sitios include the sitios in Englis and Banawa. The church is best known for its quiet location and for its relaxed, modern, and spacious design.

View of the main church from the parking lot. The church has grills for windows which make it cool and relaxing even during summer.

Schedule of Services at the Alliance of Two Hearts parish

Main church entrance

A grotto featuring an image of Mama Mary at the front of the church

Ramp leading to the main entrance of the church

The interior is quite simple and straight to the point.

The Altar

Have you been to the Alliance of Two Hearts church?

17 thoughts on “In Photos: Parish of the Alliance of Two Hearts in Banawa, Cebu City

  1. YEah!!!! My cousin just had her wedding in this church last Saturday, December 21, 2008. I love the place and church’s ambiance. I also think that the neighborhood is quite relaxing and cool. I can hear birds chirping and twittering amongst the trees that surrounds the church. Hey, Leylender, asa diay dapita inoy balay? I really like the place!!!!

  2. Ah I see. Well, one more thing that caught my attention is your parish priest. I think his family name is Lim. I like the way he handled the wedding mass. He joked and his sermon is not boring….Makatawa ta…..despite the bugnaw bugnaw na hangin kadtong sabado…nindot ayo ikatulog didto simbahan oy!!! yahahaha!!!!

  3. just double checking is the altar with steps? is it elevated, as i can see in the picture there are but the last time i have visited it , as i remember i didnt see steps. pls clarify. tnx!

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