MCPB Updates 3


I received the money sent by ma’am ianne today and it was all that we needed to reach the target! Wow! With money in hand, me and my mom checked out every camera store in SM for the perfect camera. Most of them were from Php 20,000 to Php 70,000. So, I was kinda worried that I might have to wait a little longer to be able to get a new camera. We left SM feeling really down. So we just decided to drop by JY Square to grab some lunch. But lo and behold! JY has a Kodak Center selling digital cameras! Waaa! And are we just lucky or what? This little baby was sitting by the counter waiting for a lucky stranger to bring her home!

camphone shots of KODAK P712 [12x Zoom:7.1 MP] Waaaaaaaaaaa!

What’s in the box

I’ll name her Lacey. hahahaha.

Kodak P712 EasyShare

Pics from the KODAK Website

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for your kindness. I’d never be able to go on shooting without you guys who helped and supported me.

Ma’am Victoria [New York]

Buchick [Sweden]

ofw_cebu/Sir Randee [United Kingdom]

Jenny [USA]

Vivian/ianne [Canada] (i received the photos too! =) I’ll contact Teling on Monday)

Brownie/Sir Alec [Australia]

and to all the readers of My Cebu Photo Blog especially

Inday Myrna [Australia]

Sir Coco Alinsug [USA]

Tsk, Tsk


Ma’am Edna Rankine [USA]


Ma’am Milette




ug sa uban pa nga magsige lang ug pahipe. hehehe


p.s. I’ll start shooting on Monday na lang kay Pre-Finals pa namo tomorrow [Sunday].

YEY! I’m so happy! hehehehe.