MCPB Updates 3

Update, everyone! Today, I received the money sent by ma’am ianne and it was all that we needed to reach the target! Wow! With money in hand, my mom and I checked out every camera store in SM for the perfect camera. Most of them were from Php 20,000 to Php 70,000. So, I was kinda worried that I might have to wait a little longer to be able to get a new camera. We left SM feeling a little down. So we just decided to drop by JY Square to grab some lunch. But lo and behold! JY has a Kodak Center selling digital cameras! Yep! And are we just lucky or what? This little baby was sitting by the counter waiting for a lucky stranger to bring her home!

Camphone shots of KODAK P712 [12x Zoom:7.1 MP] How awesome!

What’s in the box

I’ll name her Lacey.

Officially, she’s a Kodak P712 EasyShare.

More photos from the official KODAK Website:

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for all of you and your kindness. I’d never be able to go on shooting without you guys who helped and supported me.

A big THANK YOU to:

Ma’am Victoria [New York]
Buchick [Sweden]
ofw_cebu/Sir Randee [United Kingdom]
Jenny [USA]
Vivian/ianne [Canada]
Brownie/Sir Alec [Australia]

and to all the readers of My Cebu Photo Blog especially

Inday Myrna [Australia]
Sir Coco Alinsug [USA]
Tsk, Tsk
Ma’am Edna Rankine [USA]
Ma’am Milette


p.s. I’ll start shooting on Monday na lang kay Pre-Finals pa namo tomorrow [Sunday].

Thank you, all!

37 thoughts on “MCPB Updates 3

  1. Wow!!! that’s a very good camera, good on you Ley.
    Sorry for not sending my share, im having difficulties here.
    Tingbon nalang sa January ha.

    Thanks to those generous people, who help Leyland,
    and especially Ianne it’s her idea.

    Well done and cheers to you all.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, LEYLAN!! I am so very happy for you! Enjoy your Lacey.=) Thank God you received my mail safely. It was a gamble, I know it’s not wise to do that (cash in the mail)due to theft. LOL

    Inday Myrna, it was Nana Yanna’s idea!=)

  3. yep. i got it gyud mam ianne. hehehe. wala man hilabti. hehehe.

    yey! if wala pa lang ko test ugma, adto gyud unta ko ug Simala sa Sibonga.

    but still, i’m VERY happy.



  4. good luck ley and hinaot nga dili nimo mahikalimtan ang imong pagtuon sa imong pagka abogasya sa kadaghan sa imong atimanunon karon (cebuphoto, mycebuphoto, dyokdyok, forum, SSC ug uban pa….) at least, during the Grand Eye Ball karong January, kumpleto na sa gamit, ma ka update na pod ang mga bisdaks especially katong nahilayo sa nasod sa pagka karon……ayo ayo….

  5. Nice Cam bai! this is quite an upgrade from your old kodak. i have a similar camera like yours, but of different make. i have a Canon S3 IS. just like your new Kodak, it has a 12x zoom (not to mention the digital zoom0- although i dont use the digital zoom that much, or not at all). you will be amazed on how powerful the 12x zoom is πŸ™‚ anyway, enjoy shooting and keep on posting hehehe. congrats again!

  6. nindot na ni siya nga comera bai. you will have more control on how you will take/compose your pictures. you have options/controls on its Manual mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, etc. mura napud ug dslr πŸ™‚ except, di lang pwede ma ilisan ug lens and some other stuff. by the way, bai, are you a member na of Digital Photographer Philippines? if not, i suggest you join. you can register at, its free. or you can join/visit, there you can see the shots taken by the exact same model of your camera, taken by people around the world, and discuss it or even ask for tips and techniques πŸ™‚ anyway, just a suggestion. keep on shooting!

  7. Hi Ley, correction im here in Australia.
    Sure visit jud ko perme pra feel at home pod ko.

    Nana Yanna, i have to apologise to you, im very sorry.
    I thought it was ianne’s idea. But she said it was yours.
    Anyway you had a smart thinking about that fundraising.
    Good on you, cheers

  8. ley!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats sa new cam………..

    nice ayu imo cam….. pakit.a dayon mi sa office, hehe… ley, naa naka rason uban ka namo ni line sa hk-macau this december …
    line, can guarantee naa ka nice ma.picturan didto… sige na, get a passport na…

  9. I did not know nga nagkinahanglan ka diay ug kuarta para sa bag-ong camera? what happened? you know you can always count on me Ley. Just let me know kung unsa ang akong matabang.

  10. Hi Leyland.
    We thankfull to Mss, Ianne, you know how much in $DOLLAR Almost 500$dollar
    or 400dollar here in San Francisco Cal, Nindot kaayo na Ley, & Miss Ianne
    the Lord will repay to you !!!!! Maayo kay imo syang gihatagan kay gamitonon gyod
    na, For Leyland we look forward on the Future, Layo gyod ang imong kaugmaun God luck!!!! & Miss Ianne we Proud of you!!!!
    From; Milette

  11. Hi Leyland,

    CONGRATS!!!! Have a good time with Lacy! Hahahhaa…nice nick for your new toy. πŸ™‚ I’m sure we’ll be enjoying some gorgeous photos from you. Can’t wait. Sorry wala sab ko nag-send sa ako donation. Inig kita na lang nato if uli ko Cebu, basin January pud. Naka-set na inyong Eyeball? Murag daghan man ang mouli. Wala pa ka reply sa ako email..still waiting. πŸ™‚

    @Ianne & Myrna <– mao lagi, nag-generate ra ko sa idea pero I failed sending my own. But I’m glad that a lot of people sent their help. God bless them!

    @GIAN <–psst.. ikaw diay ni Gian Carlo? I know you from college. What a small world! Musta na? I saw your pics with Leylan. Si Nanay diay ni. πŸ™‚

  12. hehehe. wala pa ko kabalo wen dapat ang eyeball. hehehe. sige, ill check my mail Nana.

    Kaila pud mong Gian? hehehe. sige, ako tong paapilon sa Eyeball puhon. πŸ˜€

  13. @Milette, we had a fundraising to buy Leylan a new camera. I am very happy for him. Nindot kaayo ang iyang camera! Hurray to Leylan! LOL

  14. merry christmas nalang diay ninyong tanan oi.. pero octoberfest pa man karon.. bai ley, pictures nya sa fuente og sa mango square ha kanang naay mga banda…. hehehehehe

    labi na manukar ang mga local reggae acts diha…

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