Deep, Deep Gold in Cebu

An international film is currently being shot here in Cebu! The title of the film is DEEP GOLD. DEEP GOLD is an action thriller produced by Bigfoot Entertainment, which is currently based locally. Starring Bebe Pham, Ken Arden, Jaymee Ong, and Amelia Jackson-Grey, the feature length film will showcase the beauty of the Philippine Islands especially Cebu.

 Car chase scene in SRP (notice the red sidewalks =))

Location shoot: Mactan Island Memorial Garden


Shortly after Cebuano freediver Amy Sanchez breaks an important freediving record, her boyfriend – Philippine Air Force Pilot Tony – mysteriously vanishes together with a flight that is supposed to bring millions of dollars worth of gold to the Central Bank in Manila.

Determined to discover the truth, she goes off with her sister to find out.

Is Tony actually dead? Or if not, is the man she loved really part of the plot to steal the gold? But she has no idea that she is about to discover the unexpected, and entangles herself in a web of lies and deceit before she finds out that somebody used her for what turns out to become a much larger conspiracy.

Location Shoot: Bagacay Point, Liloan Cebu


Lead stars: Jaymee Ong and Bebe Pham

Bigfoot soundstage. This is supposedly the interior of the UP Cebu Main building which is used in the movie as a Library.

Equipment in place.

Location shoot: Baranggay Buaya. Car chase scene.

Stunt director (?) and crew planning the scene.

Motorists being allowed to use the road during a short break.

Getting the equipment ready.

Camera rolling.

Bigfoot studios in Mactan.

Location shoot: SRP

A car rams into one of SRP’s controversial posts. Don’t worry. Shooting lang. hehehe.

Shooting the car chase scene.

 Crew ready on the set.

 Wow! I’m so excited!

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