Alcoy’s Tingko Beach

When I visited the sleepy little town of Alcoy a few weeks ago, I was only able to take pictures of the town church. We had to hurry because it was getting late and we still had to visit Argao. Well, today, I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of more than just the town church – I got to meet for the first time the famed Tingko Beach. Tingko Beach is a public white-sand beach in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy. Located approximately 94 kilometers from Cebu City, Tingko Beach is visible when travelling southwards via the South National Road.

Tingko Beach is popular among locals and out-of-towners not only because of its prestine white sand but also because beachgoers do not have to spend a single penny to enoy it. Beach houses, both private and baranggay-run, are also available just a few meters from the beach.


Alcoy’s Tingko Beach is gorgeous!

South National Road leading to the next town – Oslob.

The South National Road and the lamppost-lined boulevard.

View of the South National Road and the white-sand beach. Gorgeous!

Beach house operated by the baranggay.

View of the beach from the main road. Wow!

Beachgoers having a swell-time!

Concrete steps leading to the beach.

The coast of Alcoy. Lovely!

Beachgoers enjoying the clear waters of Alcoy.

Nice day at the beach!

Local bancas on the beach.

Gotta love the white sand!

More boats owned by the locals.

Dog relaxing at the beach.

Wow! Awesome!

I wonder what those guys are doing. Hahaha.

Wonderful view!

Some of the cottages. Nice.

I wonder what those white buildings are. Resorts?

Visit Tingko Beach now!

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Amazing Daanbantayan



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  1. nindot baya ay.. mas mo nindot pa unta kung wala giputol sa dalan ang kalapad sa shore bah.. nice kaayo kay hapsay ug taas ang beach.. lapad lang unta naa man gud dalan.. lisod na kung naa palang masaag ug mulupad nga sakyanan padung sa mga nangaligo.. ;-)

  2. bodo’s is good and so is paradiso once they get more staff to serve you. when we went we had to go in search of somebody at paradiso to serve us everytime we needed a drink. bodos is the better of the two. alcoy lacks things though overall and is too quiet and has no wifi areas.
    there is a castle in argao which is ok and obong spring just past alcoy is good when the tide is in. the water is freezing cold though. anyone ever passing through on a tour needing somewhere to stay should contact me as i would put you up for as little as 200peso and your motors are safe too. the siloy2 birds can actually be seen in my lot, i have about 6 that come each day, black with bright red eyes, lovely birds. atabay and guiwan are nice places to sing karaoke.

  3. I’ve passed through Alcoy on my way to Dumaguete but never stopped and looked around. I can see now that next trip I should spend some time exploring the area. Very Beautiful. Thanks Ley.

  4. I would like also to know the name of the resort beside Tingko. They said that it’s nice and safe. Please reply. Thanks.

    • Hello! There are actually a number of resorts along Tingko Beach. Most of them are simply made up of a couple or more cottages. Most are safe because there are police officers assigned to patrol the entire stretch of beach at night. I would personally recommend staying at the beach houses owned and maintained by the local government since they are clean and highly affordable. Antig Resort, which occupies the northern part of the beach, should be avoided. The lowest rates are at P1,000 for bamboo cottages that are not even pleasant to look at. Trust me, it is not worth it.

  5. i think i’ve been here when i was young. but havent been back here in a long time..
    i seriously need to travel. esp now that summer’s almost ending. gosh. im just here stuck at home. what a life.

  6. it’s a very friendly place white sand,clear blue sea and low cost barangay beach can ask the man living under the big balite tree assistance his name is rudy with bright eyes and curly hair.he’s nice and friendly…

  7. Hi! I’m from Alcoy. Nice post! Those white houses in the distance are actually for rent. They are part of a resort owned by a foreigner who married a local there. Nice na xa na houses ky complete with kitchen and everything a regular house has to offer. Mostly mga foreigners mag-rent dha for longer stays in town.

    • Hello SoulCaptive, I’m glad to contact you as Alcoyanon. I’m also Alcoyano, but from Alcoy-Spain. Pls I need all the information that you can supply me about Alcoy, as I have to write a book about our sister and awesome city. Also I’m planing to visit it in few months. My e-mail: Heartfelt thanks. Pls ignore the icon!.

  8. The beach is near perfect. You can hang out even at night. The only down part are the accomodations. Although for me its also the best part. Really bare and spartan. It’s a not a hotel, what can you say. But it’s that simplicity that makes it awesome.

  9. To those would like to experience the beautiful beach in tingko pls. Contact the reservation in chrge of the brgy beach house, 09282123525.

  10. ill be staying at Bamboo bar sometime in the next two weeks. i have eaten there twice before but never stayed. it looks so nice. and Alcoy is also very pretty with friendly local people,.

  11. Hi I would like to ask for the room rates in tingko beach? Thanks. Im planning to go there at the end of the month wd friends. Thanks :)

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  13. …you can stay our romantic and a pristine white Houses and White Villa’s
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    Daily Rental Rates: Starting with 800 pesos to 5,000 Pesos per day!

    Amenities White Houses/White Villas:
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    -Bringing Food from outside are allowed as long as you eat inside or Terrace the Villas/Rooms
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  14. Tingko is the worst beach I visited so far. We arrived early afternoon and can’t wait to come back to the city. Stayed there for only 3 hours, and then hurriedly went home.

    The nipa hut cottages at Tingko beach were unreasonably expensive considering they are small kubos with the least furnishing – a sloppy bamboo bed, with scant mattress, and very hard and very tiny pillows, and you have to ask for blanket before they give it to you. And the toilet is so small, it simply fits in a single person move from side to side. bowl dirty. our room lost a key and they simply ask you to open with a card.

    They offer you a table and bench, but the bench had sharp, rusty nails protruding scratching your skin or clothing.

    Caretaker picked verbal fight with other tenants. so unpleasant.

    I don’t have problems with the beach, it was exquisite. but the cottages, overpriced!

    At ANTIG RESORT: small fan shabby room P1500, bigger fan shabby room P2500, aircon shabby room P3500. We took the small fan room since there were only two of us (we were a couple with a child), but went home early and paid P1000 for day use.

    The most decent rooms at VODA were 5k, and no pool. It was so much for the price. The rock cottages were okay but no toilet inside with rickety bamboo stairs, so unsafe for child.

    Decent affordable rooms at LARVILLE, with pools but the beach is muddy and not good for swimming.

    Decent rooms at MANGROOVE (same room types) AC P2100, fan P1700, has a tiny pool, corkage on all food and drinks, has a neat restaurant, but mangrooves all over, very far from a good beach.

    To me, Tingko is not worth the stay, the swim and the long trip from City.

  15. Hi. Is barangay cottages clean with toilet & strong running water & aircon? Does it charge extra person? How much is the rates? Does it allow cooking? Is it along Tingco Beach beachfront? Thanks!

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