Amazing Sibonga Fiesta

My aunt was invited by her boss to a barrio fiesta in the town of Sibonga in the South. My aunt, in turn, invited us to come too. And we found out (later in Sibonga) that my aunt’s boss is actually NOT from Sibonga. In short, he, too, was also JUST invited. Yaks! Kaulaw! Hahaha!

But the hosts were so great and just like most Cebuanos, they welcomed us with a warm smile. After eating, we were invited to eat again (at another house). Later, we were asked to eat (again) at a third house. Three houses in one day. I could get used to this. Thank you, Sibonga!

South National Road, Sibonga Proper

A field of coconuts right next to the mudflats of Sibonga.

Candle ‘boxes’ lined the national road for those who wish to light a candle for the fiesta celebration.

The barangay chapel all glammed up for the fiesta

The main altar bearing the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A cute tree stands at the edge of a small court. We all know this is going to be a disco spot later tonight.

A gigantic tent is set up outside the house to accommodate as many guests as possible.

Guests enjoying their fiesta food under the shade of the yellow tent.

Satchmo enjoying a full bottle of wine.

Check out some of the local favorites we enjoyed at the fiesta! Here, we have Paklay.


I also got to play (again) the fiesta favorite “Holdam.”


It’s pretty easy. You just choose any number and place your bet on that number.

For instance, you choose the square with the number 2

The ‘banker’ then shakes the dice. If you placed your bet on 4, you win three times your bet.

Usual target: young boys who are easily triggered by the challenge of winning. Haha.

Another favorite is the ‘holbot2x.’ For one peso, you get to pick a ticket and see if you’re going home with PhP10, PhP20, PhP50, PhP100, PhP500 or PhP1000. We don’t know exactly what our chances of winning are. Maybe there are only 5 P10 tickets in that bag. Hahaha.

Toys and bracelets, anyone?