Taoist Temple: Cebu’s Favorite Destination

The Taoist Temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cebu City. In fact, no Cebu Tour is ever complete without a quick visit to the temple. But I tell you, quick is not the correct word here. (Let’s see you still wear that smile when you reach the 100th step. Haha!)

If you to see a different side of Cebu’s rich culture, visit the Taoist Temple at Beverly Hills in Lahug today!

The red steps leading to the first prayer chamber.


From the main gate, you’d have to climb up several flights of stairs.

And once you reach the first prayer chamber (and wish you proceed to other areas in the property,) you’d have to climb up more flights of stairs.

View of the main prayer chamber at the Taoist Temple.

Swimming turtles in one of the ponds at the temple.

The Cebu City skyline as seen from the Taoist Temple.

I was so busy shooting that I didn’t see this sign (maybe I didn’t notice it because of the spelling). I saw some people praying inside the temple so I hurriedly took some photos of them especially because they were burning some incense candles. Then a guy pointed at the sign and told me to erase the photos that I just took. I was kinda shaken so I erased EVERYTHING. Haha. It was really embarrassing. I didn’t mean to disrespect. I just really didn’t notice the sign. I had to start from scratch with my photos after that.

Red pillars in one of the temple’s many smaller prayer rooms.

This red spiral staircase looks really nice. Imagine the view from up there!

Dragons everywhere! These dragon sculptures can be seen at the top of the temple’s main prayer chamber.

A statue of a fisherman in one of the temple’s many ponds.

With all the fish in the pond, I’m sure he’ll catch one anytime soon.

A stone sculpture standing guard at the entrance of one of the smaller prayer rooms.

More dragons on the roof of the main prayer chamber.

A closer look at one of the dragons.

Awesome view of the second prayer chamber right on top of the main prayer hall.

The viewing deck offers an amazing view of Cebu City.

The gate at the back of the property resembles one of the pillars of the great wall of China.

A giant dragon sits at the foot of the second prayer chamber.

A closer look at the giant dragon below the prayer chamber.


Cebu’s own version of the Great Wall of China.


Quick lesson on Taoism procedures in using the kidney-shaped wooden blocks.

Tourists descending from the main prayer hall of the temple.

Have you visited the Taoist Temple? What do you think of this tourist destination? Let us know in the comments below!

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