Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple is presently one of the major tourist destinations here in Cebu. In fact, no Cebu Tour is complete without a quick visit to the temple. But I tell you, quick is not the correct word here. Let’s see you still wear that smile when you reach the 100th step. LOL

If you want a taste of Cebu’s Chinese culture, visit the Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills, Lahug.


 Up, up and away!


Keep going!!!

Yes, you need to keep going…

Almost there….

The lanterns are awesome!

Swimming turtles…

Ball inside this figure’s mouth

View of Cebu

Cebu skyline

I said Observe SILINCE! LOL

I was so busy shooting that I didn’t see this sign (maybe I didn’t notice it because of the spelling). I saw some people praying inside the temple so I hurriedly took some photos of them especially coz they lit some burning sticks. Then this guy pointed at the sign and told me to erase the pics I just took. I was kinda shaken so I erased EVERYTHING. LOL. It was really embarrassing. I didn’t mean to disrespect. Just didn’t notice the sign really. I had to start from scratch for my photos. hehe.

Hot pillars

Light my fire….

Spiral Staircase

Dragons meets Dragon

Mountaint Fisherman. Hmmmm…

Caught anything yet?




Awesome view

Let’s relax

Chinese Pagoda



Keep walking…

Dragon in landscape


Wall of Beverly Hills


Smiling dragon

Quick lesson

Kid: Shoot me!

Main temple

Guardian of the Night

Just relax…

Down we go!

Dragon VS Dragon

Bye, Taoist Temple!


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