Revisiting Borbon’s Silmugi River Park


Several years ago, the Silmugi River Park in the municipality of Borbon in Northern Cebu was touted as the most promising tourist attraction in the province. Offering guests a beautiful view of the Silmugi River as well as a picturesque walk through its well-protected mangrove forest, the park was expected to become one of Cebu’s must-visit spots. The bridge that would allow guests to cross the river would also hold love locks – a feature which is prominent is various top tourist destinations all over the world.

The park was definitely going to be very exciting and it was expected to bring renewed energy to the quiet little town.

The very first time I got a glimpse of the river park was about two or three years ago. Back then, things weren’t in place yet. So I thought that it would be best to come back several months later when the project was already fully operational.

So, during my most recent northern trip, instead driving straight towards Bogo (my plan was to visit San Remigio,) I decided to swerve right towards the town of Borbon.

I was really excited. I was sure the park was going to look amazing!

When I arrived at the park, however, I was surprised to find out that the project had actually been discontinued. (Anyone with more info, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks! :))

The visitors’ receiving area is empty and appears to be abandoned. This boardwalk and jetty on the right bank of Silmugi leads to a circular hut which appears to be in good condition. I wonder if that hut was only constructed recently.

The end of the jetty, however, appears to be unfinished.

This is the Silmugi River Park bridge. Looks lovely from all angles.

And right behind it is the town bridge which is part of the national highway.

I decided to cross the bridge and see the view from up there. I noticed that the wood on the bridge had become very brittle and weak rendering it very unsafe.


The view of the Silmugi River and the ocean from the River Park bridge, however, was dazzling!

The boardwalk continues on the other side of the river.

However, the trail abruptly ends only a couple of meters from the bridge.

Watch this video of my quick tour of the Silmugi River Park in Borbon.

I hope the local government of Borbon would decide to one day finish this project because I think it looks really gorgeous. Also, this is a unique tourist attraction and I’m pretty sure visitors both local and foreign would really appreciate it.

I hope the next time I pass by Borbon, this project is already fully operational.

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