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Sinulog sa Lalawigan 2024

Just like the Sinulog sa Dakbayana, Cebuanos saw a lot of changes to the Sinulog sa Lalawigan 2024 competition. Originally meant for students from Cebu Province, the competition has been renamed Sinulog sa Dakbayan instead of Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan. This time, the groups come from the municipality and not just from one particular school in that town.

Another big difference in this year’s event is the involvement of the provincial government. This year, the event is a lot bigger and more colorful. Several local and national leaders were also present during the event.

Sinulog sa Lalawigan 2024

As per tradition, the winning groups are given a spot at the Sinulog Grand Parade. For this year, however, the winners decided to skip the competition on Sinulog Sunday.

Here are some snaps from the event:

In this photo, Mayor Rama is seen dancing with his team at the start of the event.

The program was set to begin at 6 pm. However, people already started to enter the venue before lunchtime.

By 3 pm, the venue was already so full. Some spectators had to sit on the ground below the grandstand.

A view of the crowd at least two hours before the program started.

Here’s another view of the crowd right before the start of the event.

Cebu City’s Lumad Basakanon made a surprise appearance as a guest performer.

Some of the most well-loved groups from the Cebu Province – Talisay City, Carcar City, Toledo City – joined this year’s competition.

Near the end of the competition, the contingent from Mingalanilla performed a guest routine featuring Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia.

A look at all contingents gathered on the stage to dance Mabuhi Ka Sugbuanon.

It was indeed a very successful event.

After the contest, dazzling fireworks lit up the skies of downtown Cebu City.

Pit Senyor, Cebu!

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