The Ranch Resort: Wet and Wild (West)

So last week, I had the chance to tour a few western towns on a Haojue motorcycle. From Toledo City, I went to Pinamungajan and Aloguinsan. Before leaving Toledo proper though, I dropped by the very intriguing The Ranch Resort. I’ve been to the resort once but I never really got the chance to get in. I basically stopped at the gate of the resort thinking that I would be asked to pay to get in. Haha. So, yeah. Now, I finally know what lies behind that beautiful wild west facade. Oh, hey! I get it now! Toledo is in the west and the resort has a wild west theme. Wow! I’m too slow. Β Can’t believe I didn’t figure this one out sooner. Haha. Wild, wild wet! Ermm, west.

But the Ranch Resort is WOW!

The resort’s main entrance. Yes, it does look like a ranch. πŸ™‚

The main building looks like a tavern where drunken fights erupt and gun duels are forged. Haha. Or I’ve been watching too many action films.

So, after parking my bike, I got in and walked straight to the lady behind the main counter. I was confident this time because I had enough money in my pocket. Hehe. Β But lo and behold, the lady announced that I didn’t have to shell out a single centavo and that I could take photos of the whole place – except the aviary where I would be asked to pay 70 pesos. Well, fair enough. I’ll skip the aviary and just focus on the things that are within reach.

A small restaurant right beside the main lobby. This one looks really comfy and well-maintained.

The great thing about this resort’s layout, I noticed, is that access to all seven pools (YES, SEVEN) is very easy. Following this long concrete path will lead you to all the pools and all the features of the park. Unlike other resorts, this one is really well-planned and finding a great spot is a breeze.

Near the main entrance, a small elevated area can be seen on the other side of the pools. I decided to investigate. And I saw these. ATVs! Cool.

They also have enough space for parties, receptions, and all sorts of event.

And the view from the Β top was just breathtaking. Wow!

Now, let’s look at the pool area. The grass, let me just say looks really amazing. They’re perfect, in fact. And look at those huts. Don’t they just look marvelous?

The main pool. Looking really gorgeous. This is Pool 1.

Right next to it is Pool 2. Not as deep as the first pool.

And the pools are surrounded by amazing greens. Just look at that.

And let me just say again that those huts look really nice.

Now here’s Pool 3 complete with a green island. Nice.

Steps to the island.

Lovely-looking open cottages. Cool.

Here, we have Pool 4 and Pool 5. Pool 5 Β doubles as a lazy river.

Pool 6 and a smaller Pool 7 right in the middle.

And they also have a rope course for those who want a little adventure.

Check out this pano shot of pools 1 and 2. Click for a bigger picture.

The Ranch Resort is located in Bato, Toledo City.

39 thoughts on “The Ranch Resort: Wet and Wild (West)

  1. Very nice Resort indeed. maybe someday we will visit that beautiful place, but some people say that the road to Toledo is not to nice to travel. correct me if I’m wrong..thanks much for all the nice Photos.

    1. then they are wrong bai. hehe. transcentral is good. although repairs are being made in some stretches. but overall it’s good. naga is excellent. only 1 from naga city.

    1. RATES

      Entrance Fee: 100/person

      Regular – 1800
      Deluxe – 2800

      DAY USE:

      Pools – 100/person
      Bee Farm and Aviary: 50/person
      Horseback Riding: 250/hour or 100/5 rounds
      Zipline: 150/person

      DAY TRIP FOR GROUPS: (minimum of 7 people)

      Swimming Pools

      Swimming Pools


      2 snacks
      Swimming Pools

      2 snacks
      Swimming Pools

      * all info from their FB page.

  2. Salamat Ley, another nice place to consider when in Toledo. Like you, I like to take pictures of sights when there is no one around so I either wake up early or wait till there is no one around to take a shot πŸ™‚ My friends also wonder why my pictures seems like the resorts we stayed had no one around πŸ™‚

  3. thanks for the info…. anyway can I ask for cp contact # sa The ranch. we are planning to have our team bldg there.. thanks! πŸ™‚

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