Senior Citizens Park

Last November 27, 2012, the Cebu City government officially opened the Senior Citizens Park. The Senior Citizens Park sits on a lot previously occupied by a huge warehouse just across the Cebu City Hall. Due to its close proximity to Carbon Market, the building was once used as a storage facility for fresh produce from various parts of the province. However, the February quake which rocked Cebu made the building unsafe for use. The building was later demolished and a park was created.

The Senior Citizens Park is part of the recent administration’s downtown revitalization and beautification project. The old building beside it – the Gotiaoco Building – will soon be transformed into a Chinese heritage museum.


Here are some quick photos of the Senior Citizens Park. What do you guys think?

Welcome to the Senior Citizens Park

The cute welcome sign.

Sidewalk outside the park. Looking nice.

The fountain right in the center of the park.

A nice-looking tree inside the park. I hope they plant more tree in the area.

The circular park is perfect for late afternoon strolls.

Mural on the wall of the old building next door (Gotiaoco Building.)

Another view of the mural.

Lamps! Looking really cool.

This ‘path lamp’ or whatever it is called looks really nice.

The fountain at the very center of the park.

I just realized that this kid is holding a huge fish.

Benches scattered all over the park.

Christmas parols!

The Cebu City Hall.

Trees! Lots of ’em! 🙂

Behind the park, you can see the Compania Maritima.

The Compania Maritima is one of the oldest structures still standing in Cebu. I heard the government is turning it into a maritime museum.

So, what do you think of the new park? Any thoughts?

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