In Photos: Uniquely Minglanilla

Minglanilla is a small municipality in Cebu. Although considered an integral part of Metro Cebu, Minglanilla, which sits next to Talisay, does not try too hard to prove itself. In fact, it seems to  be enjoying the fact that its small town feel makes it a unique character. The people of Minglanilla are enjoying the laid back lifestyle and the joys of modern living all at the same time.

To tell you honestly, I’ve never to Minglanilla before. I mean, I’ve seen the place countless times but I’ve never really found that ‘urge’ to give this municipality a little attention. I don’t know. Maybe I found it boring and uninteresting. Or maybe it’s just the traffic jam that always makes your head hurt before you could even start counting. I’m not sure exactly. But just like Argao, I’m so glad that I finally decided to know it better.

And after spending a short time in Minglanilla, I learned two things. Number 1, Minglanilla rocks. And number 2, I’m definitely coming back!

Fishing boats docked for the night in Minglanilla.

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A small fishing village in Minglanilla

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Lola and apo.

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Welcome to the Minglanilla Municipal Fish Port


The fish port.


The ‘bagsakan’




I told ya!


The village (from the fish port)

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Plaza Minglanilla

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Going up!

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Minglanilla’s Joe

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Is that Venus? Hehe.

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Wow. Red pavers. Nice!

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Jollibee Minglanilla. Really nice.

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I can see the church.

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Sidewalk. Cool!

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There’s the pink parish church.

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Children’s Park. Really cool.

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Their church reminds me of Baguio Cathedral. Awesome!

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Really nice church!

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Mr. Balloon man.

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Closer look.

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One more.

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44 thoughts on “In Photos: Uniquely Minglanilla

  1. I have fond memories of Minglanilla. In fact our license plate frame on our family car here in the US says, “I’d rather be in Minglanilla”.

    Minglanilla is where I ate puso’ for the very first time. That in itself makes the town special to me. When you are heading south through Minglanilla we took a left turn right after the plaza and there was a small roadside karenderia. We bought some Letson Manok and these funny looking little balls they were calling puso’. Well anyway the rice inside those funny looking little balls was the best I’ve ever had. 🙂 When I think of Cebu I often think of puso’.

    Also last December while I was there we had hired a taxi for the day to do some touring. We stopped at the Jollibee you showed and me, Mrs. Goyo and our driver all feasted on the food there. I and the driver both had Yum with Cheese, Fries and, my paborito, Molo! 🙂 Mrs. Goyo had Chicken Joy with rice. It’s good to see a picture of it again.

    Thanks, Leylander, for all the memories your blog constantly brings back to me.

  2. Miglanilla became closer to my heart now since my 2 brothers and a sister and lots of cousins moved to this place and started their new lives… i’ve been to this pace # of times in the past, but did’nt realize until lately that they have seashore and with your photo updates makes me wonder how it has become a vibrant town. . as usual kudos to your hardwork, Ley. You always keep us updated about the latest with our beloved Cebu.

  3. yeah, I have plenty of relatives and friends residing in Minglanilla, (Lipata and Pakigne), we frequently go there every sunday sa ilang fish port where they have this ‘ala SUTUKIL’ type na kan anan where you just have to choose which food (seafood) you want and let them cook it for you, or you may prefer yung luto na and ready to eat na dayon….got it right ley, laidback style and yet modern in some ways…cool pics as usual….

  4. nice blog you have here. stumbled here when searching for something. been blogging about my recent cebu trip last month and looks like i’m going back there again next month

  5. Since my father’s side of the family hails from this town, my childhood summer days were spent in Tungkop, Minglanilla 🙂

  6. I am so glad that I happen upon your blog, now I can always read it daily and find out the beauty and secret hideaways of every town that you featured since you started. It brings me closer to home. I am coming home to Lahug and Busay next month, but I will surely be visiting some of the beautiful sights including Minglanilla, Argao, Guinatilan, Mantayupan and Aguinid Falls for this coming trip. Thank you so much for showing off the Cebu that I love to the world and reminding us how beautiful she truly is; to us who grew up there, but has gone abroad. Daghan kaayong salamat Dong.

  7. Ley, thanks for these photos.

    You have given me the second chance to take a closer look at Minglanilla. We had a short stop here (in this Jollibee for quick lunch) on our trip to the south but due to time-constraint we really didn’t look around. Though I have to be honest, I was impressed with their plaza that overlooks the street. The church looks very nice.


  8. I’m so excited to read more about Minglanilla and see all your comments too.
    I am talking with a lady in Minglanilla online for the past 5 months and I’m getting ready to go see her, so I have been getting to know the town by websites like this. Thanx!

  9. i read a post from mel. she said she spent her childhood days in tungkop, minglanilla. its a small barangay and maybe we know each other or our family knows each other. small world. anyways, i spent my childhood days in tungkop as well, in nazareth, its a really nice place, especially during the xmas season, where my pops beautify the place with Christmas lights. i dont know if they’re continuing the tradition now.. i hope they do.. its peaceful and everyone knows each other. i was a lil disappointed that u missed the beach resorts in tungkop, palm beach and the other beach resort near it. it doesnt have white sands but its been loved by the locals. it gets really crowded during the weekends. and the cottages arent that expensive. its not a high end beach resort but you can enjoy the beaches with the locals… hope you see it next time!! im actually gonna be spending most of my weekends there next month since im going to visit my relatives!!! cant wait!!!

  10. Ah, yes Tungkop beach. It’s been a very long time since I was there. I don’t know if it has the same appeal now as it had before.

  11. Yes! Minglanilla has lots of wonderful places to see. Can’t disagree with that. But I hate to see the garbage lying around almost everywhere in the town. It’s so smelly and disgusting. I missed the old clean Minglanilla.

  12. kuya leylander, balik nya sa minglanilla kay open na ang extension sa fishport… dili na “no enter”… ahehehehe… nindot gyud kaayo sa tanan… adto ka sa bag-ong extension sa fish port unya, inig talikod nimo kay klaro kaayo ang bukid sa Minglanilla.. hinaot nga mo-balik ka diri sa Minglanilla… daghang salamat…

  13. Guys, have you seen the Sinulog in Minglanilla this year? It was fantastic even the rain couldn’t stop the performers, and it didn’t bother the spectators, they were still standing watching the shows.
    There was one person, we didn’t really care because of what he did while they were performing. Infact it was so awful when he cut the head off of the chicken by using his teeth. It was so barbaric. We hope that this guy should never do it again. My children were so shocked!!! We are from abroad and came home to celebrate the fiesta of Santo Nino, but all of my kids says that was disgusting, hope someone will stop or tell their group no more Satanic show. Sorry to say this.
    Wonderful thing! The candle vendors joined the show, it was the first time ever that they became part of this activity and they did pretty good. The name of their group is KAHAYAG meaning; KAndila HAlad sa YAnung Gugma. WOW!!! AWESOME !!!

    1. Biting the head off a chicken may be barbaric but I think it has deep cultural roots. I remember attending a fiesta in bogo when I was a child. This activity is actually part of a ritual witnessed by hundreds of people. A village head usually dances and then bites the head off the chicken as a sacrifice.

      I’ve also seen it during the kadaugan sa mactan plays years ago.

  14. Bai leylander I think it’s okey to do it but to a certain place and occassion. These kids from abroad didn’t expect that what is going to happen. Sure, in the villages area is very common to do the ritual like this, but as catholics I don’t think so. Thanks for your reply Bai, it’s good to have somebody like you knows to share their opinions. Take care and have a good day.

  15. I’m pretty sure that whoever that person that bite the head of a chicken, watches too many Alice Cooper music video… maybe he’s just hungry and can’t wait to get home… maybe he hate the chicken… Minglanilla looks good…does Naga still has witches that flys around at nighttime?

  16. DAZZ, I heard that there are lots of bad tales and stories, but it is very unfair to the residents in Naga who are not one of them. Well, I haven’t seen any witches though and I can’t make up any story about the people that it’s not true which can only tarnish thier reputation., but am not wishing to see them either. If the story about this aswang is true, I feel very very sorry to the other people who live there that are not aswang. Thank you kaayo Dazz at least aware na hinoon mi in case we will go to that area.

  17. hey there leyland. Me and my wife has been regular visitors of your website although we have not really posted any comments. I just can’t pass up on posting something about Minglanilla. When I saw your pics, it brought a lot of memories, good and bad. 🙂 The place have change a lot but the people of Minglanilla, especially from my place, Ward II in Lungsod are the same old people. As if time has stopped ticking on that place. I was hoping that our house was included in your pics considering our house is right in front of Rizal’s bust. 🙂 The place is one of the safest place and almost everyone knows everyone….I’ll be going home in a couple weeks and be taking lots of pics of Cebu and of course my town, Mingla! Peace!

  18. Nice pictures. You should go around to other places in Minglanilla. I’ve spent the last four summers in Tungkop. I wonder if I’ve ever met the other two who have family there. I have lots of relatives there. A lot of it used to be our family land. I enjoy being there and just relaxing.

  19. Hello Ley, I refer your blog to my workmate here who hails from Minglanilla.I hope she had time to surf then. I really like Mingla church.

  20. and dont forget, minglanilla is very famous for its yearly “sugat” kada easter sunday. gikuhaan unta pod nimo ug pictures ang ilang mga PUJs dhong. diba, nindot kaayo. perte pa gyud ka-bugbog ilang sounds. tawag gud sa ilaha mga “hari ng karsada”.

  21. gimingaw nako sa akong yutang natawhan kanus a pa kaha ko makauli ug balik sa minglanilla bitaw nindot na jud kaau ang minglanilla kay last 5 yrs wala pa dili pa nindot ang fish port sa tulay. daghang salamat hon. mayor eddie selma sa pag asenso sa atong lugar mabuhay ka mayor selma

  22. Midnightblue, Ako pa nimo mouli ka para maka kita ka sa atong lugar kay dako na jud ang kausaban dinhi sa Minglanilla nindot kaayo, dugay man jud ko sa states pero karon niuli jud ko gani ang akong pamilya nia na pud nagpuyo kay ganahan sab sila. So try to come home, and see for yourself. Remember as the old saying goes ” There’s no place like HOME”.

  23. Mardie, akong Lolo ang founder sa Sugat. I don’t know if you heard the name of Tatay Quianong (Kianong) Bas. Try to ask your parents or grand parents about this old man, who knows one of you family members was one of the angels in Sugat.

    1. yeah, your right….. i heard that old man eutiquiano bas or popular in his name quianong bas was the original founder of the sugat minglanilla. you should be proud that your grandfather was good and very creative person. I remember nga maayo mubohat ug mga lalarawan hasta iya anak. i wonder why his name was not in the history of kabanhawan festival….

      1. Proud baya kaayo mi sa among lolo. Oo mokulit man sab to siya ug mga santos, siya sab ang first pianist/organist sa simbahan, then when my mom turns 18 she took over my granddad place as an organist. Mao lagi nag wonder bitaw pud mi ana lain man ang ngan ang nigawas, kaila pa diay ka sa akong lolo? Nakaapil ba sab ka sa bitay or sugat kaniadto? Wish I could meet you sometimes, maybe we can talk more about Minglanilla.

      2. Yeah, Tatay Quianong Bas was famous for Sugat, he was the founder and also the very first pianist/organist in Minglanilla church. My mom took over his place when she was 18 yrs old until she got married. Sometimes my brother and I did the same thing if our mom is not around or if there are too many masses. I am very proud of my grandpa, eversince I was a little child. He took me to church everyday 2 to 3 times a day. Para nako kanang among church mora ug ako sab nga balay.

  24. La otra Minglanilla:
    Minglanilla es un municipio de España, en la provincia de Cuenca, comunidad autónoma de Castilla-La Mancha. Tiene una población de 2.600 habitantes.
    Su nombre deriva porque junto a una fuente había en ella un minglano o granado. No obstante la tradición popular fantasea una leyenda novelesca de una linda joven, llamada Minga y por mote la Galanilla, a la cual galanteaban varios opulentos magnates y de ahí según la leyenda que el pueblo tomara el nombre de la Minglanilla.
    El núcleo urbano actual de Minglanilla fue creado en 1505 y pertenecía a Iniesta hasta que en 1564 se le otorgó el título de villa.
    Lugares emblemáticos
    Hoces del Cabriel,Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. Hoces del Cabriel. Ermita de Santa Bárbara. Embalse de Contreras. Venta de Contreras.

    En 1848 el minglanillero padre Fernando Sánchez fundó en la isla de Cebú (Filipinas) el pueblo de Minglanilla que en 2007 contaba con una población de 101.585 habitantes.

    Lo sabías?

  25. I really miss Minglanilla. When I was little, I go there a lot to visit my Grandparents. I love the place except for the motorcycle going up to Bayong! Because my Lola’s house is the second house from the road going up, and of course these pedicabs will gather all the power to go up a steep road (and having 10 people in that pedicab isn’t helping!) lol …

    My fondest memories of my Grandma is her buying me puto and sikwate (with extra mangga!) for breakfast. I love going to the Mercado with her cause she will let me pick the veggies and meat to cook.

    The Fiestas are always a Blast! And with our Family being so big, it’s never quiet in Unabia’s Parties! lol. Sugat is always a Big thing in Minglanilla. I’m always there during holy week for the Binignit and of course the processions and the Sugat itself. The morning after Sugat, we go to Tungkop for a beach party…. In our family, food is abundant… if you are invited and you go home hungry, it is your fault! 😉

  26. i’m living in pakigne, minglanilla. i love your blog…. we already have the sugat- kabanhawan festivel every easter sunday. it starts with the dawn mass at 3 a.m followed by the sugat proper and then the sugat-kabanhawan festival ritual showdown in the afternoon…

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