MCPB Updates 25

My Cebu Photo Blog now has 1.7 million all-time views! Thanks a lot to the regular visitors. You guys know who you are. 🙂 My blog will be turning 5 in about four months. As of today, I’ve posted 534 entries and more than 100 permanent pages. I’m quite amazed how after four years, I still have the urge to blog. I hope I don’t lose interest anytime soon. Hehe. So, thanks for all of your support guys. Here’s to a better Cebu!

And thanks for all the birthday greetings, guys! 😀

0 thoughts on “MCPB Updates 25

  1. Congratz Ley, u know why? because you have the charisma to connect with your readers… keep it up… one more thing, you are a good writer diay… u have that gift… More power to you and God bless!

  2. Hi! Your skill in photography and the eagerness to show nice places in Cebu is making your blog interesting to visit freuqently. Hope you have new photos of interesting places in Cebu soon.

    They said a lifetime is not(exagerrated) even enough to visit all beautiful spots in Cebu but thru your nice pictures its likes we were there with you:-)

    Keep up…Just please visit all beautiful places in Cebu and show us the beauty of our Cebu.

  3. Salamat Ley for your tireless effort in blogging. It is really nice to know someone like you has so much energy to go to different places and sharing photos & feeding us recent ideas about our lovely place Sugbo.
    I just had a visit and I am amazed sa fast developments sa Cebu City the past few years, we have the Asian IT Park. Nindot na ang Fort San Pedro ug limpyo. And at least naa tay tunnel maski short span lang…hehehe
    More Power!!!

  4. it was nice discovering your site, kept me updated on what’s going on back home, i love cebu and i miss it everyday…

    Cheers to you Ley! Keep it up…:)

  5. nice lng kayo sa picture pero sa totoo ang dumi ng swimming pool nyo……………wla kayong klaro pati ang cottage ang mahal nag inquire kami s phone sabi ninyo 500. pagdating namin doon sa green lagoon na pangit 800 pala isang table lng s tent tapos nagdagdag kami ng table another 100. mukha kayong pera…………………….

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