Sinulog 2011 Route Maps

Here are important route maps to help you plan where to leave your vehicles, which jeepneys to take, or which streets to avoid this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Sinulog 2011 Carousel Route
(Click for bigger picture)

Solemn Foot Procession 2011 Route

0 thoughts on “Sinulog 2011 Route Maps

  1. HI Ley,

    Salamat ani nga post. I look forward to join in the procession. As for the time being I am still in Brisbane able to scamper for safety from the flood waters and awaiting for my departure in the next couple of days.

    Mga taga Cebu iapil mi sa inyong pangamuyo. Pit Senyor!

    Salamat ani nga post Ley, naa na mi clue. Kitakits nya ta Godwilling.

    m ann

  2. Hello!

    Salamat Ley for sharing this info…

    Di na sad ko ka attend sa procession and the solemn mass, pero ako pangaliya sa Sto Nino for peace & prosperity in Cebu and the entire Philippines. And good health in the family and to everyone.

    Happy Fiesta! May the Sto Nino de Cebu bless us all.
    More power Ley to 2011

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