Southern Exposure

Last June 14 (holiday), my friend Arnold of Cebu Heritage asked if I would be interested to tour the southern churches of Cebu. He said that he would be driving his car so I didn’t have to worry about anything. Well, that was just four days since payday so I really didn’t worry much about cash. What I was worried about was my camera. Hahahaha. Thankfully, Lacey decided to cooperate. So, thanks a bunch, Lacey! Hehehe.

Anyways, Arnold texted a couple other friends but they were either still asleep or busy doing something else. In short, Arnold was stuck with me. Hahahaha.


Arnold clicking away in Naga City, Cebu.

First on our list was the age-old church in Pardo. Gorgeous church!

Arnold said that this sign is the ‘all-seeing eye’ which symbolizes God.

Crucifix inside the church.

Church grounds and the skywalk outside the compound.

If you guys didn’t know, Arnold is one of the authors of Balaanong Bahandi. Cool!

There’s his name! Arnold Carl Sancover.

Our next stop was the chuch in Talisay City.

There’s that sign again. Without the eye this time.

Handprints of Monsignor Joe Tajanlangit.

Interesting architecture.

Mary’s chapel

Spiral staircase. Nice.

The church from another angle.

1837. Wow!

St. Elijah. Found outside the church.

Arnold in action.

We visited the Talisay landing marker.

Statue of American soldiers.

Day at the beach!

Talisay City park.

Posing gyud nold! Hahaha.

Then, we went to the town church of Naga.

View of South National Road.

 We also checked out the Naga Baywalk. Gorgeous!

Next, we visited the San Fernando Church.

We even went to the belfry. Scary!

Their park has WIFI! Wow!

Another friend, Mark, joined us in Carcar.

Mark and Arnold inspecting one of the tombstones inside the church. (I’m not even sure if it’s really called a tombstone. Hehehe.)

Then, it was time for some Carcar Lechon!!!! Hahahaha.

Last on our list was the Theotokos shrine in Perrelos.

Arnold and Mark.

Thanks for the trip, guys. I really learned a lot.

By the way, I’ll make detailed posts about our stops later. Thanks!

23 thoughts on “Southern Exposure

  1. The third image ‘all-seeing eye’ – naa man sab na sa mga panyo nga gihimong anting-anting. I saw a handkerchief one time with ‘all-seeing eye’ and many weird looking characters and images. Anting-anting daw to, para lumay. Nag-symbolize diay ni sa God..(the more I got curious..)

  2. January 14 pa diay ni nga mga photos? Karon lang ko kakita ug pic ni Arnold..he..he. I learned about the Balaanong Bahandi from his blog and I have my copy.

  3. hi ley,

    at last,new entry, hahahaha, just joking….nice pics…honestly, i visit ur blog regularly for new postings….NO PRESSURE!!! (joke again!)…i am a fan…ur doing great….i miss cebu sooooooooo much and looking at ur lovely pics makes me happy…..keep it up!

  4. the pictures of the old churches are great! i’ve been to some of the churches that you featured here. do you plan to do the ones up north in the near future? the mission san luis obispo in california had the picture of the “eye” on top of the wall by the altar when they repainted the inside of the church, but it was removed sometime later. it’s interesting to find something in common with other churches, not just in our cebu but also in a church across the ocean. thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

  5. Another great report, Ley, thank you! It is good to know that they have preserved the old churches- they might have built some new additions but the front and bellfry are still there, that is nice. Great job Ley and your buddies. Keep it coming.

  6. Lovely churches! Thanks guys. We bought letchon in Carcar too. 🙂 When is this camera fund will start coming, ha? 🙂 I’ll send mine as soon as I can, Ley. God bless.

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  8. I heard ley that all old churces sa Cebu are facing the sea, pero naa daw isa ka church nga nagtalikod sa sea which is in Ginatilan, hmmm, kinahanglan tuyokon siguro ang south para ma document, hehehe….. lamia sa lechon ley uy… thanks for the Talisay Pics too, gi padak an na dyud diay ang side sa Church, it’s good kay sauna magtindog lang tawn ang uban kung puno na sa sulod….

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