Fog Walkers

A few months ago (when my camera was still okay), an MCPB reader sent me a private message. He said that he enjoyed my photos and that he would like to one day join me in one of my ‘adventures.’ So when Harry mentioned that he wanted to go to Balamban to check out K33 Green Adventure, I emailed the MCPB reader (Jack) right away and told him about our plans. He said that he wanted to come and he asked if he could bring a friend along. Of course, it was all right.

To cut the long story short, we all met last July 6 at Andok’s in Mabolo. The guys (Jack and his friend Mark) were pretty cool and adventurous as well. So, me and Harry didn’t have any problem with them. Hehehe.

Before we went to the Citilink Terminal, we bought chicken inasal, enough rice, some bottled water, and some drinks. Our plan was to look for a nice little place where we could eat lunch after trying out the zipline. Anyways, we got on a taxi and reached the Citilink Terminal around 30 minutes later. The van-for-hire left the terminal just twenty minutes after we got there (fare is around 100). And less than an hour later, we were already in Gaas, Balamban (33 kilometers from the city.)


Into the mist! Hehehe.

Harry, Mark, and Jack reading the K33 Green Adventure house rules.

It was a cold day when we got there. Notice the fog.

The guys signing the waiver.

Harry getting ready for his ride. Hehehe.

It’s Jack’s turn. Hehehe.

And now, it’s Mark’s.

Are you ready, Harry? You seem scared. Hahahaha.

And off he goes!

Next up, Jack and Mark.

Ready, guys?


Quick pose after the ride.

Of course, there’s the ‘required’ pose in front of the tarp. Hahaha.

Why so serious?


After a few more shots, we all decided to go to GL Highland Resort to eat our lunch and swim a little.

However, before we could get there, we saw this new road-side restaurant. Looking nice!

It was called ADVENTURE CAFE. And apparently, it’s the first of its kind in our country. Cool!

View inside the restaurant. Gorgeous!

Wow. Loved this spot.

This was Mark’s idea. Pretty neat!

We went to the rooftop of the restaurant and took a couple of pictures before eating. Hehehe.

We asked the restaurant manager if we could eat our ‘lechon manok’ there. He readily said yes and he even let us borrow some plates and spoons. He was really cool.

Of course we had to order a few items off the restaurant’s menu. Hehehe. This one was delish!

There’s our Andok’s rice, chicken, and soda. Hahahahaha.

Pumpkin soup. Really yummy.

While we were eating, it started to rain really hard. And before we all knew it, the whole place was covered in fog. It was surreal! Hehehe. Here’s Mark taking advantage of the situation. Hahahaha.

Shot at the bar. I hope Jack kept the manager’s calling card. Hehehe.

Group photo with the nice restaurant manager. Please visit his restaurant and tell him about us! Hehehe.

One more shot outside the restaurant.

Now a little heavier (and hopefully warmer), we braved the cold and slowly made our way towards GL Highland Resort. Hehehe.

Woah! Scary! Hehehe.

Only in the Philippines: Fog Shower (aka naligo bisag ga-fog)! Hahahaha.

And ice cream! Can you believe it? Hahahaha.

We finally reached GL Highland Resort.

There was one little problem, however. The water in the pool was only knee-deep. Hahahaha.

But that didn’t stop us from doing what we came there to do. Yes, we all dived in! Well, not really ‘dive in’ but you know what I mean. Hahaha. Shot on our way back up.

One step at a time while singing one of FM Static’s songs. Hahahaha.

And of course, the moment of truth! Hahahaha.

Another one. LOL.

And yes! They asked for this! Hahahaha.

Outside the resort.

We waited by the road for a V-hire but we thought that it was impossible to get a ride because it was a Sunday (people go back to the city for work/school the next day). So, we decided to start walking.

Exactly one kilometer from where we started. No, they’re not tired. They’re just dramatic like that. Hahahahaha.

And yes, this one was choreographed. Hahahaha.

Yep, this one, too!

We continued walking until we saw a puto/kutsinta vendor. We bought lots and we ate like crazy. Hahaha.

Final photo before we finally found a van. I woke up when we were already somewhere in Lahug. Hahaha.

It was a pretty nice adventure, guys! See you next time!

31 thoughts on “Fog Walkers

  1. It looks like not in Cebu (because of pine trees?)! But because you post it at the time nga tugnaw ang Cebu, it really feels like Cebu! Payter!

    Sir Ley, unsay pasabot sa fog shower? Mura ulan nga pino lang ang patak? Like gi-spray?

  2. great adventure indeed. lol to the rain bathers under foggy sky & ice cream vendor. 🙂 thanks for sharing, ley.

  3. ley, nice kaayo Gaas Balamban is turning like a “little bagiuo” the co-owner of adventure cafe is a good friend of mine….. last yr, i was in Gaas with them naa cla nice house on top of the highest peak diha sa Gaas and at back of the house was a cave where that doctor died of climbing accident…

  4. nindota sa imo pictures bai, that is why we need to keep our environment clean, great advneture in Cebu, – I call cebu a lttle LA, the same geography with LA, with beach and mountains..

  5. Never been to Cebu before, but looking at your pics sparked some interest going there on foot. And that fog, looks like freakingly Silent Hillish road. Anyway, any backpacking travelers here in the Philippines? Visit so we could travel together sometime. I’m checked in here in Makati

  6. Dear Camera,

    What ails you? Think you you’ll be well enough soon?

    Dear Ley,

    Get your cam fixed pronto! What will MCPB be without photos?

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