We Own Mantayupan!

Last week, me, Satchmo, and some of our friends from Skyscraper Community of Cebu (SSC-Cebu) went to Mantayupan Falls in Campanga, Barili for our friend Rey’s last Cebu swim. Hahaha. He’s now in Manila preparing his papers for Malaysia. We’ll miss you, Rey and your great, great love for Cebu!

We gathered at the Elizabeth Mall at around 9 in the morning and we got on a mini-bus thirty minutes later. The bus ride was, as expected, mind blowing and nerve wrecking. What is up with mini bus drivers wanting to break their own speed records? LOL. Anyways, we arrived in Barili around eleven in the morning. We went to the town market where we got two habal-habal drivers who agreed to take us to the falls for 20 pesos each. I heard that it’s normally 25 pesos so I guess we got a good deal. There were lots of people when we arrived. Luckily, we found a good spot with a nice table and an excellent view of the first and second-level falls. We spent the whole day swimming and just having an awesome time. Around 3 pm, the people started leaving (most of them were probably from the city). And by 4:30, we were the only ones left. We grabbed the opportunity and just had a grand grand time. For one full hour, we felt like we owned Mantayupan Falls! Hahaha. Good times!

Total damage (without food): P195! Woohoo!


The super gorgeous Mantayupan Falls! 98 feet, baby!

The mini-bus ride. You guys don’t look like you’re excited. Come on! Show some enthusiasm! LOL

Our nice spot with an excellent view of the Falls.

Of course, THE cow was there. Hahaha.

Sitting in his box and feeling like a rock star.

Rey taking photos of the falls.

The SSC-Cebu banner. Taking a swim. Hahaha.

Nalingaw mo? Hahaha.

Harry putting on his life vest.

Rock on, Rey! Rock on, SSC-Cebu! Rock on, Cebu!

Rey and Jan nag pictorial sa kanal. Hahahaha.

The kanal boys. LOL.

Pagdali kay ten seconds ra ang timer! Hahaha.

It was already dark when we left the place. We went straight to Fuente to have dinner and see the test run of the 2009 Fuente Christmas tree.

We had a blast!

Good luck in Penang, Rey! Cebu will miss you!


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