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We watched the One Visayas presentation at the Cebu International Convention Center tonight. ‘One Visayas’ is a very noble initiative of the leaders of the different provinces in the Visayas. This project is a move to unite the neighboring provinces for the benefit not only of the region but also of the entire country. Present during the program were provincial leaders who showed their support by bringing with them their local festivals and products. Here are some photos that I took.

Inside the CICC, there were small booths showcasing the different sights and sounds of the different provinces in the Visayas.

One Visayas!  One People. One Destiny.

100_5457 by you.

A replica of the Cebu Provincial Capitol

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 Inside the Cebu International Convention Center

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View from the second floor.

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Sculpture of the Lady Governor

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This one is the Negros Oriental booth. It has real sand and pebbles. Hehe.

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Here’s a wonderful diorama of Bohol depicting life in the barrio.

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A fisherman. Nice.

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Barrio folks.

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The church as the central point of life for the Bol-anons.

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A small village

100_5443 by you.


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The Filipino fiesta.  Look at that lechon! Hahaha.

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Fishermen! I didn’t notice that fly on the second guy’s head. LOL.

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Exhibit of the Sinulog Photo Contest winners.

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The winning photo. Really nice.

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Then, at 7 pm, the program started.

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It was nice to see the Masskara festival perform in Cebu!

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This one is a really nice festival from Siquijor. I think it’s called Solili Festival.

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I think this was the team from Sta. Catalina. Very nice performance.

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 The performance of the Siloy Festival of Alcoy, Cebu, got a standing ovation.

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At the end of the program, all dancers danced while singing the One Visayas theme.

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Go One Visayas!

30 thoughts on “One Visayas

    1. and to promote gwen too! haha loora jud ning gwen oi, is it necessary to display her sculpture didto? unsa na sya, mag santos? haha

  1. nice feature on one visayas! i totally missed those childhood days making dioramas for school projects.

    btw, are there any lectures/seminars for this event, if there are please inform me. thanks!

    you might as well include shows that are held this month like
    -creative cebu by the bristish council in ayala
    -usctc cafa annual exhibit in ayala (i think it started already)
    -up fine arts (sm)
    -cebu exhibition (waterfront, there will be an open house on the last day, for photo ops— you ask permission from the exhibitor, you may i think take shots on the student design, instead)..

  2. another good one, Ley. . .’they’ could create a concert out of the theme ‘One Visayas’. Or, maybe Suroy-Suroy Cebu would expand as Suroy-Suroy Visayas-not a bad idea I guess.

  3. wow!nice…nindot kaau ang presentations especially ang mga booths sa every province in visayas!

    i wonder f kinsa kaha ang winner sa sinulog photo exhibit contest coz it looks really amazing!

    i missed cebu!!!

  4. What’s up Ley, that convention center looks good… talking about show, i just got home from “coldplay” concert, the viva la vida world tour… it was freakin awesome. anyway, hope you feel better and keep taking those pictures. adios amigo, hope you find a gf soon.

  5. That woman holding a boy, looking above and reaching for something… that’s the definition of a strong faith. God doesn’t give you what you want, but he gives you what you need.

  6. Ley, i know you’re being polite, but i prefer if you just call me Dazz… wish you were here mate, “coldplay” was freakinnnnnn awesomeeeeee!!! i used to rule the world,seas would rise when i give the word,now in the morning i sleep alone,sweep the streets i used to own, i hear Jerusalem bells are ringing,roman cavalry choirs are singing,be my mirror,my soul my shield, missionaries in a foreign field,for some reason i can’t explain,once your gone it was never,never an honest world that was when i rule the world.Listen to la vida viva song and picture 15,000 people singing it in an arena, it’s given me goosebump… i didn’t want it to end. awefreakinsome…later mate.

    1. i can just imagining. im listening to la vida viva right now. hehehe. my boss (meream of boredandcrafty) would be mighty jealous. she’s a big coldplay fan! hehe

  7. hmmmmmm another napod nga mga panghitabo sa atong Sugbo :-)… mura gihimo najud nga santa si govt.Gwen dah aahehehehe…. kay giapil naman jud ang iyang sculpt… anyway mura maau mnpod paglambo jud sa cebu visayas, kaya gudluck and more power to all mwahhhhhhhhhh…thanks again for the update ley nice pics again from you :-)… p.s. ley ako raba kang gipalit sa FB hahahahahha, ako ang ni owned nimo kron lol 🙂

  8. wow…very nice…y man ala naapi ug pic ang mga nag asist sa one visayas?…hahahaha..jok!uhm…I lyk ur shots sa diorama sa bohol…Bravo!

  9. kanindot sa diorama sa Bohol it reminds me of Luyang, i like the winning Sinulog photo nice to have one for myself and the first picture nice for t-shirt printing

  10. I sure hope the visayas will develop as one and contribute to national development. I am ilonggo and I wish continued success to cebu and the rest of the visayas provinces. Go visayas!

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