Stunning Tabuelan

Last Sunday, at around four in the morning, I woke up to see my dad stuffing a few shirts inside his small traveling bag. When I asked where he was going, he said that he was going to Bogo with a friend. His friend was asked by another friend to accompany him for the ‘breaking in’ of his new motorcycle. I asked my dad if I could come. And though my dad didn’t know if I could/should come, he agreed. I was technically a gatecrasher because I wasn’t invited. And it turned out that my dad’s friend’s friend didn’t know that my dad was coming either. So, I was an invited guest of a gatecrasher. Wow! LOL.

But my dad’s friend’s friend was very nice and friendly. And it seemed like he wasn’t bothered at all. So, I just did what was best – forget about it and just have a grand grand time! Hahaha.

Check out the stunning Tabuelan!

Tabuelan. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Tabuelan by you.

Just take a look at that!

Tabuelan by you.

This rocky area looks really awesome! I love it!

Tabuelan by you.

 Wow! Look at those trees!

Tabuelan by you.

The view is very relaxing.

Tabuelan by you.

A small fishing boat.

Tabuelan by you.

A young boy doing some fishing.

Tabuelan by you.

Those two islands look really awesome. I’ve like to own one someday. Hehe.

Tabuelan by you.

 Sitting on the beach. Perfect!

Tabuelan by you.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to wear your shoes on the beach! Hehehe.

Tabuelan by you.


Tabuelan by you.

View of the private property. Really nice.

Tabuelan by you.


Tabuelan by you.

I wouldn’t mind doing the laundry here every day. LOL.

Tabuelan by you.

Green grass and the beach. Perfect combination!

Tabuelan by you.

A small fishing boat.

Tabuelan by you.

A cold drink. Perfect on a hot day!

Tabuelan by you.


Tabuelan by you.

A fisherman removing rainwater from his boat.

Tabuelan by you.

Visit Tabuelan now!

41 thoughts on “Stunning Tabuelan

  1. Great, great pictures once again! I love taking pictures also and you certainly take great shots. When you get the chance, do feature Consolacion also. I am a lumad Lacionanon and would love to see what is new in our town. I live in CT and sure nice to see the tropical scenes in the midst of our winter here now.
    Great Blog!

  2. Wow! the ocean so nice, here always like a tidal wave, that hermit crabs are expensive here as a pet. They have a fruitful coconut tree,kalame sa butong. my mum coconut fruits always been stolen.

    Via Tabuelan diay mo Ley pag-uli nyo?
    The place reminds me of Luyang…

    1. thanks.

      ang tabuelan murag northwestern cebu. luyo siya sa sogod ug borbon kung magsubay ka sa main road (kanang muagi sa lacion, liloan, compostela, danao, etc.)

      kung mupadayon ka hangtud sa tip sa cebu, mutuyok na ka sa luyo. nana didto dapit ang tabuelan.

      pero naa na siyay shortcut. inig abot nimo sa borbon, katong dala kilid sa lugo church, adto ka liko para dritso na ka tabuelan.

  3. this gives true meaning of the saying that goes “learn to love the simple beautiful things in life” ley, very nice quite, relaxing place………. just what you need after a long day in the city! nice place to unwind…next time when we come back home….

  4. Very nice. The rustic ambience is so relaxing! I have never been to Tabuelan. Next time I come home, I should consider going on a trip to the rural parts of Cebu where life is simpler and the scenery, frankly, is much more beautiful than the congested urban parts.

  5. wow grabe ley, gipalaway napod mi nimo sa mga views dah aahehehhe.. nndot kaau pagkakuha nmo sa mga pics wue… bsta number ka para nako as a photographer… keep it up ley and more power mwahhhhhhh 🙂

  6. p.s.

    salamat diay sa pag add mo sa akin sa FB ley ahehehee… salamat ug kumzta sa tanang bisdak`s dire… will see you soon Sugbo mwahhhhh

  7. i miss the early morning puto ug sikwate… the binignit sa hapon… bbq. ulo sa manok at night… i think i’m just hungry… ley, mouli ko around about early dec. i wanna be there for Guadalupe fiesta… pasko…sinulog. this is going to be a one hell of a vacation. i could be staying at the twin towers… hell yaaah!

  8. tsk.tsk..sayanga di man mo load ang pic here oi…cguro nys gyud ni ang mga pics..hayst! nwes, laagana nimo oi! pde muuban sometimes? hehehe! joke only!
    i had this plan man sad mga long ago nato na mglaag2x sa mga beauty spots here in cebu gyud them mgpicture2x daun..kaso na super busy nako and wala man sai muuban nko oi…mas nys man ng naay kuyog…hay…..

    nwes, nice imong name..leyland! mao gyud na imong name?!

    just dropping by..ngduka nko sa office..
    kapoy nako ug unit test sa akong code….kapoy mg programmer oi..
    hehehehehe! ganahan gyud ko maglaag2x ai! ubana nya ko! 😀

  9. Hi Ley,
    Beautiful pictures. I grow up in Maravilla, one of the barrios of Tabuelan. I wish you had the chance to stop and shoot some pics from there too-they have the most beautiful white long stretch of white , sugary, fine sand – and amazing sunsets. I will be visiting there soon. Can’t wait–love the place and everything that comes with it.
    You always do a good job – you capture the real essence of the place.

  10. Hi,
    It’s so awesome to see beautiful spots like in Tabuelan. I wanted to visit there right after my graduation together with my fiancee. We need both to unwind, and take relaxation in a quiet and romantic place like in Tabuelan. Hope guys, you would mind to give me a contact number in Durhan white beach resort..

  11. nice jud ang Tabuelan..been there coz my husband was born & raised there before they went here in the city… it’s really really nice….white sand & calm, silent place….the best ,so far sa ako na adtuan!

  12. u can not take the bus or vhire from SM. u have to go to bus terminal north and look for bus or vhire there
    (vhire 100,- pesos bus 80,- pesos)

    greetings from Tabuelan

  13. woi,,,,good eve….taga MARAVILLA TABUELAN xd ko…mmmm….yah tinuog jud nah nice place kaayo ang tabuelan.Especially na ang mapasigarbuhon namong white sand beach resort MARAVILLA!!!COME N VISIT MARAVILLA NOW!!!

    1. I grew up here too when life was simplier for townfolks, when nature was not over exploited. You can walk thru the beach smelling the fresh air at the same time finding your dinner.People could live on finding shells,crabs,small fishes and shrimps on the beach but things changed a lot. A government that cares nothing about nature preservation allowed white sand harvested and stolen in truckloads for construction and even to fill other beaches in the big city .Mangroves were abundant before where fishes could flourish and other seabirds lives.But slowly by slowly people are cutting mangroves for firewood and the government allowed the construction of fish ponds in the town.Its ironic that visitors appreciated what Tabuelan has to offer but the town heads and townfolks never really take good care of Tabuelan’s treasures.There were few private beaches that respected nature when they developed the place but Maravilla’s beaches became a victim of greed and ignorant private beach owners not follwing regulations on development.Of course the local officials and barangay officials are mum. Its hard but, I can only imagine whats gonna happen few years from now.

  14. i think sa tigbawan ni .. kana “View of the private property. Really nice.” is naa nakita nga house. I think sa Southern Baptist Church.. In know this place because i am also invited with my bestfriend who isa born again christain .. ug diha sad mi nag picture

  15. My wife is from Cebu…a year ago, we bought a beach house in Tabuelan that wasowned by an Australian expat whomarried a cebuana. We bought the property, site unseen, except for the pictures posted by the broker…i was transfixed by the pictures of the water and the white sand beach….my in-laws are caretakers of the property now…and I cant wait to fly to Cebu and enjoy some time there….friends of mine here where I live saw the pictures and asked if they could rent the place from me for a period of 10 days! They couple were there before me…but thats okay…they brought back pictures and now I Am even more excited to go…….

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