Budbud In Borbon


If you’re traveling to the Northern end of Cebu, your bus will most probably make a short stop in front of an old Church by the North National Road. Once the bus stops moving, it will be filled with old ladies carrying baskets of goods that they are selling. Most baskets would contain puto cheese or banana chips or boiled eggs. But one thing that’s always present in all their baskets is the Budbud. When you see the church, the old ladies, and the budbud, you, my friend, are in Borbon! And the name of the baranggay is Lugo.

Just like all the other baranggays in Borbon, Lugo is quite small. However, it is popular not only because of the Budbud ladies but also because of the importance of its road-side church to road travelers. See, right beside the church is the road which connects Northeastern Cebu to Northwestern Cebu. In short, the road will take you to Tabuelan and other neighboring municipalities. Instead of going round the northern tip of Cebu through the good ole’s North National Road, you can turn left, follow this road, and cut your travel time in half!


A smiling Budbud Lady and her basket of goods!

Lugo by you.

This is the church of Lugo. It looks really old. But it’s very beautiful.

Lugo by you.

The belltower. Wow. It looks really nice.

Lugo by you.

A pack of Budbud costs Php 20. But you can get three packs for Php 50!

Lugo by you.

Sugarcane fields right in front of the church.

Lugo by you.

Sorry for the limited photos as I only stopped for a few minutes. Rest assured I’ll come back to this gorgeous place again. Puhon! 😀


12 thoughts on “Budbud In Borbon

  1. Nice to hear your touring in the northeast of Cebu Ley,

    That junction to Tuburan/Tabuelan, local people (cousin of mine) call it Simangan. Like Christmas @ Luyang Fiesta they visit their roots. Going home if they catch the Bogo bus they get down at Lugo then habalhabal. If they’re lucky to catch the Tuburan bound they get down at Bgy. Dakit and bingo they save a little amount.

    Lame bitaw ilang budbud diha, labe na ang kabog. When we visit Bogo last year, a friend of us serve as budbud made of corn. Bagong discover daw nila. I never been to the northwest yet. As Luisa told me to go for a rent a car and go around.I might do it.

  2. kaon to d max jud q aning budbud ay inig abot nako… hehehehehe… yeeheyyyyyyy krung nextmonth najud akong pag-uli sa sugbuanon, sa wakas in d last 6yrs.krun pajud makabalik ug uli… so cu soon nalang Cebu mwahhhhhhhhhh

  3. nyz jud na nga place kay tga dinha jud,bsag barangay lang xa f magfiesta daghang dayo,lami jud ang bud2x kabog namo dha,mz na nako lugo ,f mnths nalang makauli najud ko dnha.

    1. naaba ba diha c Roger Hatamosa sa lugo ngpuyo amego sya kauban me trabaho sa una road construction carmen to san remigio

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