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I couldn’t believe the changes that happened in Liloan. When we stopped by for breakfast last Sunday, I had the chance to look around and see these welcome changes upclose. I dug up my old photos of the Liloan plaza so that you can compare them to the new ones that I took last Sunday.


The old plaza of the Municipality of Liloan. It was a bit dirty and dry.

102_1118 by you.

View of the monument and the municipal hall.

102_1116 by you.

This is how the plaza looks now! Very very clean and full of life!

Liloan by you.

 Wow! Lots of nice plants. And the place is really clean!

Liloan by you.

Liloan’s Joe is no longer white. Hehehe.

Liloan by you.

Wow. Isn’t that a lovely sight?

Liloan by you.

A replica of the famous Bagacay Point parola of Liloan. This one is located right in front of the Liloan Church.

Liloan by you.

A poster of a program of the local government unit. It’s called Kung Maka Sakop, Maka Dangop, Reward!!! I think this is a way to stop corruption and bribery?

Liloan by you.

Good job, Liloan!

11 thoughts on “Before And After

  1. Expect big activities and more changes once the coastal road connecting the North Reclamation to Liloan, via Pakna-an, traversing Tayud is completed. The town better prepare for increased traffic volume.

  2. wow rizal monument… ganda talaga, very clean.. ive been in liloan during fiesta manto sya, 3rd yr.high skul pako ato nga tym :-), wa pod ko katanaw ug ayo sa lugar kay pwerting daghana man tawo :-(… rizal is d same birthday of me… thanks sa update ley d best mwahhhhhhhh…

  3. went there nov. the place is going somewhere, we checked out amara (planning to get a property there) yeah, once that coastal road that they have been talking about will be completed it will be a prime location…… layo lang sa city esp. for a quick nice dinner in IT park or night life

  4. Ley,

    Thanks for featuring my place, though, I am originally from guadalupe. You should have featured the lechons, kinilaws, sinugbas, chicharon, etc. sold during saturdays and sundays right in front of the municipal hall..laway jud ang atong mga overseas nga kababayan…

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