Fuente Is Ready For Sinulog 2009!


Yep. You heard it right! The Sinulog 2009 Grand Parade is still a week away but everything is all set in midtown Cebu. Once again, the Fuente Osmena area is filled with different Sinulog-related displays put up by different establishments and organizations.


Pit Senyor! The Penshoppe Sinulog 2009 display at the Fuente Osmena rotunda.

100_3793 by you.

The Sinulog 2009 display of Bambi Edible Oil in front of the Fuente clock.

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Their ensemble shows the important ‘local colors’ of Cebu.

100_3747 by you.

Most important of them all is the Image of the Nino.

100_3750 by you.

Then there’s Cebu’s hero Datu Lapu Lapu, a skyscraper in Mandaue (also owned by the owner of Bambi), the Cebuano guitar and the gumamela. (I’m not sure about the gumamela, though. Hehehe)

100_3754 by you.

At the center of it all is the kiosk of Magellan’s Cross – the existing proof that Cebu is the seat of Christianity in Asia and the Philippines and the living symbol not only of Cebu City but also of the entire island.

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Then, there’s the Basilica, the Marcelo Fernan Bridge, and of course, Bambi Edible Oil. Hehehehe.

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The display and the colorful ‘crown’ of Crown Regency.

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The display and Cebu’s current tallest skyscraper.

100_3771 by you.

My mom posing for the camera. Hahaha.

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This one is the Sinulog display of St. Cecilia’s college.

100_3779 by you.

Once again, their display this year focuses on the Nino and his being a child.

100_3773 by you.

This wall more or less summarizes the history of the Island of Cebu.

100_3778 by you.

This display is front another regular – Penshoppe. Pit Senyor!

100_3784 by you.

Their place is well-lit and well-maintained.

100_3783 by you.

Image of the Nino inside a glass case.

100_3804 by you.

Flowers offered below the image.

100_3800 by you.

Side stairs.

100_3786 by you.

A for time and effort spent.

100_3787 by you.

A sampaguita vendor willingly posed for a shot.

100_3781 by you.




The first LCD screen in Cebu City (Maria Christina Building). Now, there are two more lcd screens in Cebu.

100_3791 by you.

The Christmas Tree and the digital clock of M. Lhuillier

100_3766 by you.

Fail! Hehehe.

100_3764 by you.


16 thoughts on “Fuente Is Ready For Sinulog 2009!

  1. Thanks Ley for bringing Sinulog 2009 closer to us…….I’ll be missing it this year but I will be checking out your blog (as per usual) for more Sinulog updates.

    Ley, i-syagit na lang ko diha ug Pit Senyor!!!


  2. Looking this pictures, I still remember my stay at Rajah,
    the truth is im so scared to cross the road coz of heavy traffic,
    watching from the window, the PUJ not giving way in the zebra line
    but still able to eat @ enjoy the nighly bbq. kay wala na dre

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