In Photos: Revisiting Matutinao in Badian


We went to Matutitanao in Badian over the weekend. Originally, I thought we were going to Badian Island. So when Masil told me that a few of her friends from work were going on a weekend trip, I decided to tag along. It was, after all, a once-in-a-lifetime chance. When we met last Saturday, however, I learned that we were only going to Badian. Yes, Kawasan-Badian.

I felt a bit let down while waiting for Masil and her officemates at the V-Hire terminal. I mean, I’ve been to Kawasan a gazillions times and I thought that I had other better things to do on a Saturday night other than gazing at the faces of unfamiliar people huddled around a bon-fire. LOL.

I was texting Masil and asking her where they were when two ladies came to me. One of them said, “Leylander of MCPB?” I said yes and the lady said “I’m Anita. I visit your blog often.”

It was a really crazy thing! Both of us (actually the three of us. LOL) could only laugh at the circumstance. I mean, what are the chances of meeting someone who maintains a foreign address, who reads your blog, who recognizes your face, and who knows your names, at the CITILINK terminal? I’d say 1 in 3 billion!!! LOL.


Bridge and the river

Our tour guide – Mary Jane – and her brother Diony.

The lantays…

Hotdogs and marshmallows!!!

Three hungry dogs!

We never knew what to expect of the place until the first rays of the morning sun said Hi to Badian. I have to say thank you to Ecel and her uncle – the owner of the place – for the wondeful time!

The place is gorgeous!

This is the very same water from the waterfalls.

That small sandbar with a small patch of vegetation is NOT an island. It is actually the other side of the river.

Low tide on the other side.

A nice little hut for beach goers.

Masil and Lala

Sharol enjoying the view

And did you guys have to do that? LOL

We decided to go to Kawasan – since Masil has never been there. Just a few minutes later, we reached the main road.

Yellow Papaya

Badian is a really lovely town. Very clean and pretty.


The south national road

A few meters later, we saw the sign.

When we crossed the bridge, we saw our beach! Woohoo! A few meters up, you see fresh water kissing the sea.

View of the river from the bridge.

Basketball court by the river.

Matutinao Elementary School

Slang kaayo da! Learnin’!!!

Church of Matutinao

Trek to the Falls

Souvenirs anyone?

Php 10.00 each

Our tourguide enjoying her Cloud 9.

Excited much?

Photo Op: Rose. Hehehe

Mr. Clean

Waiting for true love’s kiss.

First falls where a terrible thing happeneded to two Koreans

No more Jumping allowed

On our way back, we decided to get some Halo-halo! Woohoo!!!

Water has started to rise when we returned to the house.

Fishing boat

Outdoor shower


Tourguide MJ

The beach. Gorgeous!

Local kids

Lunch time!!!

Thanks guys!!!

63 thoughts on “In Photos: Revisiting Matutinao in Badian

  1. Makasuya gyud ni inyong mga laag-laag, da. Nindot gyud kaayo ning lugara. Sunod mo-adto mo sa Badian, Ley, if you have time, can you take pictures of the town church? I wonder what it looks like now. I spent a few summers there kadtong bata pa ko because my mother is a Badian native man. Ambot kaha kung ang balay sa akong lola duol sa simbahan nagbarog pa ba.

  2. ley sikat na gyud ka ha!! unsa man feling sa sikat na? beautiful post again ! it’s nice to see natural beauties of our country.

  3. Wow!starring lagi mi diri…heheheheh…nice gyud ang place ay, we want to stay pa gani unta nila masil if wala pa work i agree thanks to Ecel and to her uncle for the wonderful time.:-)

  4. woohoo! wayuk ang show! talamat! talamat! sa pagbisita sa among mingawng payag! hope to have you guys back there. senxa na sa mga naay plano mangabang. sila leylan ra ug masil ang pwede. wahahahaha! peace! love yah dawg!

  5. LEYLAN! nice gyud ka’g taste bilib ko! hahaha! especially sa imong pag take sa akong pose! haha! maayo gyud ka Leylan! Mabuhay ka! hehe… Full of Life kaayo ang pics!

  6. @Sir Takdol – Wala man ko katoltol sa Church. Duol ba sa Merkado ang church, sir? Sige, will do that kung makabalik ko didto.

    @Mam Jenny – Sikat man gyud?? hahahhaah. Thanks!

    @Mama Ianne – Lami ang halo2x didto. Mahal lang. LOL

    @Sharol – Starring gyud. Kamo bayay cast ato. LOL.

    @Ecel – Salamat kaayo sa opportunity. Daghan pa gyud diay kaayo nindot nga spots sa Badian. Thanks again! 🙂

    @Sir Randee – Hehehe. Salamat sir! 🙂

    @Rose – Wa lang tay bulgaray sa pangalan. hahahaha. The shots turned out quite nice. 🙂

    @Mam Cielo – Thanks!~ 🙂

  7. Ley, what happened to the 2 Koreans? Diving accident? souds like it with the sign “no dive” ……. just put 2 ‘n 2 together….. am I right?

    Rose she is very beautiful! a true filipina beauty! women here in states would pay thousands of $ to have her lips.

  8. * my comment “no dive”

    the sign “no jumping”…. seems like I don’t follow instruction well….. hehehehehe

  9. hi ley, pag kasuerte nimo nga pagka tawo natuyok na nimo tibuok probensya sa sugbo. wish you good health and more power to go on.

  10. The pic on this caption ” Water has started to rise when we returned to the house” reminded me of the man-made Lagoon in Africa. . tranquil and cold!!!!!!!

  11. lei! you don’t have to say that! it sounded like gi-sabotage tika hmp! hehe hey… na-enjoy pod man ka diba??? it is sure a piece of heaven’s place. if we’ll have another trip, i will let you know. you might want to tag along LOL = )
    give me copy of the pics lei beh… nangayo sila sharol gud. thanks!

  12. hi! very interesting blog you have here, and i love those pictures of yours, very beautifully taken. anyway i will be going to cebu in 2 weeks time for just a day, is there any places that you can recommend me to go?

    thanks! 🙂

  13. naks! sikat na jud ka ley. hehe. and you deserve it. penge piso. LOL.

    haayyy..i dunno if i could go back to kawasan falls again. perhaps, five years from now.

  14. its a nice trip ley, it sounds all of you are enjoying.
    who made that faces made of bamboo, well done. What a creative man,
    gimingaw nako ug panglaba sa sapa,
    halo halo its my fave,
    sud-an nga utan ay! kalame. im sure organic pa jud na.

    ganyan kana ka sikat ngayon Ley, astig kana bai. people around the globe recognise you now.

  15. since my husband saw the pics in Badian he decide to visit july diha sa Pinas,once pa lang siya naka-anha diha sa Pinas,mao na e-enjoy namo among vacation this coming July,thanks sa mga pics hah…….dia me sa Israel medyo gimingaw nako diha sa mga laagon sa Cebu.
    thank you kaayo…..

  16. Checking ur blog few times a week is like visiting cebu in a blink of an eye.Like u i was born and breed in Guadalupe.My grandma is well known around the area due to the work she did in Guadalupe Health Center.Her name is Sophie NONING’ Cuizon.I love her and i know that theres a lot of people out there that feel the same way.Keep up the good work.I hope that sometimes u might wanna take some photos around Cabajar area.There’s this old spanish style house along the road across a sari-sari store look after by aman named ‘FRED’.It would be nice to see more photos along Guadalupe street.Maybe one day we can hang out and have a beer and meet some of your lovely, pretty and smart ladyfriend.Personally i think that cebuana are one of the best looking BABE in the world.

  17. I know Ley, what is the chances that I will see you sitting there in the terminal.. I recognized your face right away. I was not sure and I almost left , then I started wondering if that was really you ? then i felt silly .. i was thinking – It is impossible that it was you . for all the people in Cebu ? he he he . I am so glad I came back and asked you. It was so nice to have met you. I hope to see you before I leave.

    Thanks for all you do Ley. Your comments and pictures entertained us . You made us feel homesick numerous times and also felt proud to be Cebuano.

  18. Hi,enjoy jud kaayo ko ug view aning pics dri,i really miss badian,this will have to do 4 now until i can visit.thanks from Australia

  19. hi ley,,again you bring me home looking to all those pictures,,in fact pareho ta ug napicture esp. yong bridge and you have been to my cousins small resort who is a Colonel cecil Sandalo,,and you know one of your shot which in the national road,,you havetaken the part view of our house ,that one with DATES plant in front,,which is called the sacred plant in the middle east.gimingaw na noon ko coz i usually have my vacation every Sept. during our barrio fiesta at sayang d mo nawatch b4 the MISS KAWASAn which the winner was the candidate to MISS WORLD 2006 i guess,,keep up the good work ley…take care

  20. hi, i’m interested to go to the beach in this article. what’s the name of the place you stayed in? can people get rooms there? may i have the contact number? 🙂

  21. hi ley,

    thanks for publishing some pics of matutinao. this is my place of birth. those pics were so beautiful and it refreshes my childhood memories. it’s been a while now since i left phil but with those pics you keep me updated. i think the white orchids were taken in front of our house (not sure because backgrounds are new to me now but the right side is pretty very familiar). i used to dive from the bridge during high tide just like sa mga bata in the pic above. diri ko kat-on ug basketball, kon sipyat ug pasa ang bola lutaw sa tubig, good gibutangan na ug barrier. improved sad ang matutinao elem school, dinhi sad ko human sa akong elementary.

    keep posting nice pics ug salamat kaayo.

  22. Kumosta,

    Thanks for placing all those pics. Mingawon man lang sad ko sa Matutinao.
    I went home last 2005 but daghan na pud ug changes/improvements. Hopefully I’ll be there next year, God willing . Again , thank you and good job.

  23. maria isabel suhito si ley sa tibuok sugbu.pasensya lang wala siya katultol sa simbahan… sa katong nangutana ug asa.wala sa merkado,fyi.naas tugkaran inig naug.maoy musugat nimo.nalimot lang siguro siyag lingi nga naas tuo ang simbahan padung ug kawasan falls.kuhiton kas simbahan nga ‘hoy dia ra ko’ inig naug niyas may public school.walay unay!
    anyway, it was 1985…hiking from mantalongon down to badian.diri mi lusot sa kilid sa town church, sa may badian hospital karon.diha mi naglunch.den another hike to father belarmino’s house sa matutinao.then settled ourselves sa classrooms sa public school.i remember si father puno pa ang cura paruko, nga monsignor na rn sa guadalupe.then we played water polo sa matutinao river under the bridge.first time ko kakita ug turqoise blue river!karun kay lumoton green na ang river by the bridge.then the trail up the falls was a skimpy foot trail.we have to cut our way thru the bushes.a long trail up.then…voila! ang first falls.wala pa kay makitang kweba sa ilawn.daghan pa kaau ang tubig.we went up sa second falls.the twin falls was majestic!cudnt contain ourselves to dive in.unya kay kusog man ang current gisuyup ko padung sa falls.maau na lang dihay bagun.karun ang twin falls seems like a trickle.daghan rong mag-date sa sud sa cave sa foot sa falls.buyagan unta mo.joke.pristine pa kaau ang kawasan falls that,foot trail,daghang tabili,unya wala pay public school classroom tables pa mi natug.anang gabii ato kay gaduwa pa mig tubig-tubig under the full moon sa highway.unya daghan kayng aniniput!!!AMAZING kaau kay city boy baya ko.walay fireflies sa ciudad.unya lami kay among katug sa classroom kay bugnaw,walay lamuk!karun when i pass by matutinao all i see are vestiges of human occupation.memories na lang ang pristine.kaha?

  24. kent, you’re very right. mas nindot ang kawasan falls before unlike today. are u part of the group from don bosco-pasil?

  25. hehehe.dili ko pasil.pleasant mi sa pasil sauna nga manampung man kos ilong nako.karun gigabaan kay dili na katimaho.anyway,tanang mga lugar karun nga bisitahug turista dili na sama ka-pristine.memories na lang.twas 1985

  26. cge ra.makakwarta gani ko palitun nakong tbuok area sa matutinao.unya dili nako pasudlan para mabalik sa iyang naa man ganiy gusto musod, entrance fee 1 million.well…they should pay the price to keep it pristine.kada butang naa juy price tag.pareha ra nag gusto annulment,they pay the price of freedom

  27. hey sis!:),ask lang ko pila ka hours ang byahe from cebu city to Matutinao, BADIAN.Wala pa tawn ko ka.adto bsan sa KAWASAN.Poor me & planning ko with my barkada to go there and we’re students so budget-wise jud.haha.Then ang tour thingy,pila sad bayad? IS it safe if mag.overnyt?I’ve got loads of questions jud,sorry!!!:). Really appreciate ur blog!I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places here na even me na taga-cebu, no idea na naa d.i ni cLA,so breath-taking!Ur blog is such a big help achi!Xie Xie.^^

  28. quen ares kung tagaciudad ra ka,adto kag south terminal,sakay kag ceres.maau ang ceres kay kada 15mins ang byahe.pwede pa ka kasakay ug aircon bus.dili pa sinardinas sama sa v-hire.murag mga 2-3 hours ang biyahe.pakanaug mos sto tomas villanueva parish sa matutinao.kung persuasive ka,pwede ra mo kahangyo sa cura paroko nga mustay overnyt.or kung type ninyo magtent adto mos church grounds magpitch ug tent.pero hike mo padung kawasan first falls mga 30 minutes ganahan mog mas pristine,nindut ang alegria.kaso dili pa siya popular.ang spring murag naa sa valencia,alegria.

  29. Hmmm, I know that place (kang General Sandalo, he was the one who painstakingly made the lantays sa iyang weekend trips sa una.) And some of the plants sa pix, I think ako na hinatag niya ang uban! hehehehe. Thanks for posting those pix, nindot jud Matutinao, labi na kay free pa jud stay sa ka Gen. Sandalo, basta kaila.

  30. Oi Bai karon pa gyud ko ka browse dinhi…. salamat sa mga photos with captions pa!!! Nindot kaayo. I really miss my native place sus ug kon dool pa lang lang unta maayo ipa-uli kay summer…hehehe. Anyway, I really enjoy seeing and reminiscing the places.
    It’s really cool!
    Good luck.

  31. R u guys bosconians coz i was once… long time ago. nywayz, If naa mo lain adventures & u need bodyguards or manpower, just call us. or me. hehe. We love the photos og ang adventures. Dont worry, amot pud mi. hehehe

  32. Leyland,

    Nice blog site. I wish I could go to those places in Cebu featured here in your blog. Photos look great and sharp. What camera and lens are you using??

  33. hala! i’ve been in badian but i did not know na nindut pud d i dha sa matutinao…. hmmm??? the last time i was there, we only went to kawasan which was really awesome pud!!! next time i’ll make xur to visit out!

    btw, nice blog:)

  34. I really got confuse, I was searching for matutinao river, is it in moalboal or in badian? cuz I have been in kawasan and in moalboal and I dont here such this matutinao river. Could someone help me please? this is actually for the dry run of our thesis, Thank you.

  35. hello evryone… what beach house would you suggest that has cheap room rates? plus the distance is not far from the falls?

  36. bai, can i ASK , how much room rates cost? I mean Overnyt RATEs and good for how many HEADS? by the way I SALUTE UR BLOGS 🙂 KEEP IT UP! Thanks

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