MCPB Updates 1

Wow! Another MCPB reader, Sir Alec, sent me a package from Australia. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Actually, the parcel was sent the 31st of May and by mid-June, we thought that it was really gone. But a couple of days before June ended, the package mysteriously arrived (but it was too late since the second package was also on its way through DHL). Bwahaha.

Wow. Sir Alec sent me a reversible headwear. Wow!

A shirt! Yay!

A cap

An Enviro bag.

A Billabong wallet with AUSD 10 and many more! Wow!

Airmail from Australia.

Sosy na ko. Nanay letter addressed to me nga gikan Australia. hahaha..

Salamat kaayo sir Alec. Kahilak man sad ta! hehehe

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