Aguinid Falls: Mystical Hideaway in Samboan

Aside from the awesome beaches and the Kinugay, Samboan has a lot more to offer. And we discovered it when our two young tour guides brought us to the undiscovered beauty called Aguinid Falls.

ย The Aguinid Falls is actually a system of falls which runs some two kilometers from its base. Its falls are not as high as those in Kawasan. They are small actually. But they have unique shapes and forms and are quite a sight to behold. The Aguinid Falls are a hundred percent uninjured, untouched, and un-commercialized. The only trash you can find there are rotten leaves from trees (which are categorically not trash).

Samboan’s Aguinid Falls. Lovely!

The long walk to the falls.

Through coconut trees…

Hello, Mr. Cow!

Ludy can’t take the heat

Shade at last!

Ahhhh! The sound of water!

Let’s move up!


Just keep walking…

Just keep walking…

Wow! This place is really cool!


We had to climb up this slope. Very slippery. It was quite dangerous.

Just keep walking.

Casualties: My Slippers

Here’s another awesome waterfall. Notice the rock formation. Awesome!

More walking required.

View from the top.

Very tall trees

Ludy and Ryan

Gorgeous view!

Ludy enjoying the water.

Another drop up ahead!

Wow! Nice!

I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. waterfalls brings back a lot of memories to me. I love having picnics in waterfalls bisan buwad lang baon lami man gihapon ambot! i think bec. kauban nako ako mga igagaw ug igsuon . kaswerte ba nimo naa kay friends like them!

  2. Good gracious! The falls is truly awesome! What I like it is that you can actually take a bath in it, unlike in Niagara Falls, it can kill you, literally! We just went sight-seeing there last weekend. Leylan, I’m gonna send you some of the pictures through mail, so you can post them on your Bisdaks Abroad segment. Is it okay to post pictures? When you’re done with it, you can give the pictures to my sister Teeling. I hope this is fine with you. Thanks in advance.

  3. Nice kaayo inyo adventure. So suya me…. Hoy, Leylan, sipat kaayo ka of itsura nohhhhh. Obviously, you like my little sis noh as in . Your pics are always following her. Bantay gyud ka. Take care of her. Always and 4-ever. Shakssss.

    Next trip, KUYOGA KO. Tan-awon nako if naa ka agi…….

  4. Hi! I’m really interested with the falls but i’m curious with the guy in shorts (with floral design). I just can’t help but notice…nganong cge mana cla og tapad ni Ms. Ludy? Is there something that you guys want to reveal? =)

  5. wow!! revelation jod ang legs ni ate ludy oi….hmm..nindot jod inyo adventure. Indeed, worth-remembering..nindota inyo bonding oi, as en close jod mo noh?? obvious man..hehe..anywez, hi leylan dw imu name? hehe..well, naa pa bay laing leylan c ate ludy nko??? hehehe,…wala, ikaw lang..hehe
    hoi, bantay ka nko ha!!! ayaw kabuang ha! piti jod ka nko leylan, dako pa baya ko nimu!!! hap! hehe..bitaw, unta kayo na??? hehe

  6. Hi Leys, I’m fine. As in kami ra gyud dire sa office sige comment nohhh . You’re very sikat already here ha…… Where are your flowers???? September na karon Dong!!!!!! Ayaw baya e-tingub on December ha. Shaksss as in, it’s another flowers nasad noh with matching Christmas gift na unya pakapin ako.

    Another thing, flowerettttsssss lagi imong shorts. Maayo pa ang shorts naay flowers. Si Ludy wala pa kadawat….. Pressured ka nohhhhhh.

    Pagbantay-bantay diha kay ang next mo comment ani kay ang VP for HR na. Prepare……..

  7. What a serene place, so lovely. How long to trek there Ley? Maybe from Ludy’s place or in the road.

    You should bring Satcmo and introduce to Mr. Cow. And have a pics of big cow and a little cow.

    Ahaaaaaaaaa, i notice you neglect Satchmo. Is it because of your ladies? hehehehe

  8. Hala! Gibaha ug taga Primary! Silingan ra raba tamo. LOL

    Glee – Si Ludy man mutapad nako. Not the other way around. Hehehe

    Michelle – Tabangi kog speaking sa imong ate lagi. Hahaha. I-ampo sad ko. LOL

    Ate Joy – Way blema ate Joy. Ok ra man kaha kag siomai? Hehehe. Basta ang flowers mubutho ra one of these days. =)

    Inday Myrna – I forgot to bring Satchmo. Too bad! =(

  9. Hi! pwede mangayo ninyo ug info / directions to Aguinid Falls? Please email me and thanks.

    I’ve been only to Kawasan, Mantayupan and Inambacan.

  10. ever familiar with the common line from our teachers in school? “EYES ON THE BLACKBOARD” so una mangutana asa,basaha una kung diin.kinugay,samboan.peace.
    by the way,na notice nako sa formations sa bato murag kanang naas sulod sa cave.duda ko taas nig mineral content ang tubig.mao nang exotic ang dagway.speaking of exotic,ni-complement ang mga guest posers sa pics.nidugang sa kaanyag.diin ni sila nga modelling agency?angayan ra man pud diay si dong leylan.sagad man gud sa imong mga pics,wala ka.hala mga inday,kumbati!

  11. kanindot nga kakuyaw ani oi… hehehhe nice ayo imo site i really appreciate it ley… keep it up… hehehe post pa ug daghan ha… thanks and God speed… keep in touch…

  12. thank you for featuring our very nice place and ang amoa sad waterfalls….its a really relaxing place jud….everyone should make it a point to visit Aguinid waterfalls…. it is located in a small barangay named Tangbo..and is part of Samboan town…southern part of Cebu…see u all there salamat!!

  13. Hi.. hello.. nice site u got here… Nwy, for those interested in other pictures of the Aguinid Waterfalls pls visit at… Nice pud…

  14. DIRECTIONS: Thats in Samboan (South Cebu) in Brgy. Tangbo just along the national highway. Have a walk from the highway for 200 meters and experience another world in Aguinid. The Aguinid Waterfalls is composed of a system of waterfalls where you cant reach the other without passing each waterfall. There are five existing waterfalls. Water is naturally clean and the place is untouched. Locals are friendly. You will not get lost. Im sure of that. And yea, the site cited by Jerome is a bit of another free pre-view… Trust me. Been there…

  15. wow! place is’re lucky u have been given a chance to visit this place! can anyone go here too? or you need someone to back you up with this?

  16. wow,,, nice lgi ang pic.. gusto pud nko moanha dra kso layo kay tga gensan man ko,,… curious lng ko kay aguinid man gud ako last name.. i wish i could go there someday..

  17. nice place mangadto dyud mi…… ๐Ÿ™‚ time sa ……how much diay bayad nato sa ato tour guide ngadto? how much will it cost us going to that place? mactan mi.

  18. nice place.. can you please email me the info on how to get there? please.. i will really appreciate it.. tanx.. and by the way.. is there any local guide that we can contanct?

  19. i love your blog. thanks for sharing these pictures online! ive been here in cebu for almost a decade now but never knew these places exist. ๐Ÿ™‚ btw, can u pls email me directions on how to get to this place? thanks a bunch…

  20. Cge ra ba meg kaligo, taga samboan man xad ko..matag uli nako sa among province maligo jud me dira kuyog akong mga amigo og mga cousins…huh lami naman xad nuon ikaligo dira…ehehehe

  21. Dili mana lisud tultulon Ley, Kay 5 mINUTE WALK RAGUD NA FROM THE NATIONAL ROAD. Basta naa naka Samboan, ask sa mga tawo basta naa rana sa Barangay Tangbo nga coastal ug naa sa middle sa Samboan… Basta sayun sa siya adtuon gyud…

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