In Photos: Foot Procession 2008


Police officials estimate that almost two million people joined the very wet Foot Procession last Saturday. Armed with their umbrellas and raincoats, millions of devotees braved the rain just to pay homage to Cebu’s little King.

Here are some shots I took. I wasn’t able to take that many shots because it rained really hard.

By the way, the last four awesome shots are from Aubrey Catampongan – Masil’s younger sister. Leave some comments for her awesome job!


Still burning

Lapuk na ang white pants ni Manang

Baby ni-api sa procession

Nanglili lang kay puno kaayo ang dalan

Nasangit ang balloon


Thirty minutes after the Carro of the Niño arrived sa church, sige pa ug abot ang mga nagsunod.

Balloons for the Kid


Aubrey Catampongan’s Shots

A sea of umbrellas


Wow! Look at that!

Niño on an ATV


Thanks a lot Aubrey for sharing your pics! =)

11 thoughts on “In Photos: Foot Procession 2008

  1. Cebuanos are proven to be religious and big evident is the devotion that each one of us keep..that inspite of the not so good weather condition, we once proven that nothing can’t stop cebuanos from praising the Sr.Sto. Niño..That is why we are very much protected from the big calamities because Cebuanos always start the year right..:-)

  2. wow..that’s amazing…. awesome…great…whatelse i could say…Btw, Cebuanos and whoelse where in Visayas ,Mindanao and Luzon really proves that Religious is the first factor that binds us together in one Country, one Nation, and one Island towards one Mission.
    Thanks for a pics..Anyway, is there a chance for us to see also pics from Sinulog footage?…or even video clips…please send it to me at
    Though we’re outside the Philippines but because of your website it feels like I was there that time of every event you have posted.

    Thank you and PIT SEÑOR!!!!!!


  3. Tinuod bitaw nga nindot kaayo and mga ‘hulagway’ nga nakuha ni Aubrey. Naa na kay kompitinsya, Ley. I noticed also on the third-from-the-bottom photo nga disiplina kaayo ang mga tawo – walay ni tunob sa mga tanom nga naa sa tunga sa karsada.

  4. Awesome pictures Aubrey!! I like it so much that i made one of the picture into my desktop background so I can see it all time. I cannot believe how many people are gathered in one place ..

    thanks Ley for sharing . YOu have one of the best website . entertaining and very up to date on what is happening in Cebu. Loved it!! Always makes me feel homesick.

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